Boulders Beach Cape Peninsula

South Africa is a very interesting place and when you go there then you will get enthralled by seeing the beauty of the place. The country is striving to improve a lot to attract more and more tourists and this is the reason, number of travelers has increased to a large extent. This affects their economy positively and the concerned authority uses this amount of sum for making the surrounding more appealing. Provided that you think that enjoying a luxury travel in South Africa means to see some of the world cup stadiums, diamond mines and beautiful places then you need to think again. When you land on South Africa then you can do the weirdest and craziest things that you will remember for your entire life.

Have Fun with Penguins

Boulders Beach is situated in Cape Peninsula, South Africa owns around 3000 penguins and they can be seen quite closely. In 1982, the first pair of penguins was brought here and after that, numbers are increasing at a rapid rate and now, the result is in front. These creatures are, too, called Jackass Penguins as they create sound just like an ass. To reach to the place, you can land at Cape Town and then board a bus that will take you to the desired place within 45 minutes.

Pet a Real Cheetah

Luxury travel to South Africa involves petting a cheetah that will be the most exciting experience one can have in his entire life. Till now, we have seen these dangerous and beautiful animals in the Zoo, surrounded by a cage but while enjoying this luxury tour and trip, you will be able to pet a cheetah, which will give you an experience that you never wish to forget. There is a place near to Cape Town where you can fulfill your dream and caress a cheetah for a nominal fee. Cheetah conservation gives a completely different meaning to it by doing so. Reach here with the help of bus or hired car to have maximum adventure.

Visit Cape Town – A Stunning City

Cape Town is one of the most visited cities of the entire world because Cape Town South Africaof the spectacular views, it provides to tourists. It has beaten several big and popular cities in the ‘world’s best city’ list as it has stunning waterfront, high mountains covered with greenery, sea and many more. Special arrangement is done for the person enjoying luxury tour in South Africa by giving them a chance to stand in a transparent cabin on mountain that will let you to have a magnificent view. Visit to Malay Quarter as it has several houses colored with red, blue, green, orange and many other unique shades. Apart from this, you can have a scenic view at V and A waterfront and shop a little for yourself or your loved ones.

No doubt that luxury tour in South Africa will provide you 100 percent contentment and give an experience that you were expecting from the trip.


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