improve your travels experience

Are you travelling abroad for the first time? Are you confused with what to carry and how to carry? Are you in a dilemma what documents you will need while at the airport or travelling around the place.

Most of us forget at least one thing while packing and that makes us to feel really bad for not bringing it and getting scold by elders or friends.

I have done quite a lot of travelling in my lifetime and my loved ones always insist me to carrying-on till our last breath. Sometimes, we take things which are of no use to that place. From Europe to South Africa to Greece, the travelling needs differ. Sometimes we need a document which is not required in the other place. So to keep an eye on all and considering every place that we are going to travel, I am in my very personal experience sharing my requirements and needs for protective routine.

And in order to save you a wholesome of trouble, I thought I may help you in giving a hand to your dilemma and put a full-stop to everyone’s problem. Most of the travelers I am seeing whenever I stop by one of the stations or airports, I see hordes of sightseers troubling with their heavy and weighty suitcases and their look on faces speak a lot.

Since couple of air terminals are stuffed with stairs rather than escalators and elevators which are exceptionally uncommon. You must be arranged to drag everything without exception you have with you here and there an endless scope of stairs. Pickpockets and criminals deliberately chase for these overstrained and overburdened explorers, holding up until their hands are full or their consideration is occupied to snatch their tote, wallet or passports and take off running.

Numerous inns and most rental lofts don’t have elevators and still they land up in five to six floors, and the ones they do have are normally so little they can scarcely fit a man, not to mention a bag. In case you’re taking a train ride inside Europe amid your trek, you may not realize that trains have very limited space for luggage. On the off chance that your excursion incorporates a person on pedestrian places, for example, Venice, you may be having difficulties pulling your sacks down for miles.

So to overcome all these you must be carrying just one or two suitcases and enjoy you’re travelling with fun and relaxed. I still make a lot of mistakes everywhere I go and still forget things but I learn from each of them. Here is a list of things you must be carrying while travelling that is not part of the tourist course.

Travel Tip

Passport and Visa:

Foremost part of travelling is your passport and visa which must be checked regularly since there is always a fear of being lost or left somewhere. You must know the transit rules for the country you will be transiting from and do read the protocols for all.


Since, currency differs from country to country; you must know what the current rate is for the money you are carrying. Take a lot of cash and make sure you are taking care of every bill you withdraw or you invest on. You must know how to split the money and where to invest and to keep it safely. Splitting money means keeping your money in different. Taking care of your cards into multiple safe spots, if all is kept in one place, then it will take one second to wipe you out. So carrying your money safely and securely is your duty. It is more preferable to carry anti-theft bags which are available in every shop.


Verification and validation are two important criteria in every city before you are allowed to enter into airport or exiting from the airport. You must have your ID Proofs, all documents photo copied and as well as the originals for verification and make sure you carry your tickets, vouchers, insurance, Id’s( Student Id, Tourist Id, Driving License) and visas.

First-Aid Kit:

It is easy to buy medicines in every city but few medicines that are necessary while traveling like for tummy ache or head ache which are very common that too while travelling. Since, chemist shops are available in very turn; you need not to worry about.

Little kit Bag:

I always have a little bag with some wet wipes and hand sanitizer in it. Going abroad means the places are disgracefully clean, but if you visit a food court or markets you may find yourself ordering food you need to eat with your hands like Indian foods I always have to predominantly eat with my hands. If you use the toilets at Malls to wash your hands you may find them a slight dirtier than you expect. So, I always have wet wipes and hand sanitizers in my bag so I can freshen up before I touch my food and after I eat, because muggy food and stickiness on your hands is always the worst option. Make sure you also have a packet of tissues in your bag all the time. So holding onto a little kit bag is essential.



If you are travelling to more than two places one time, you may find the weathers changing or different climates in different places. At some place you may find cold breeze freezing your body and at another place you feel scorching falling upon your head. So you always put on a tiny pair of shorts and slacks and single top and one jacket in your handy bag which is of course made of light fabric and easy to carry. And the sudden surprise of occasional rains will make you wet, It is good to carry a rain coat and wind breakers.

Holidays are fun time and are special too since it is definitely going to be with someone special. Try to have fun and make everyone happy and travel relaxing. People you will find in every city are always good to you if you are with them.



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