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Finally I got my visa and passport on my wallet for an awesome blossom trip to Greece. I must say it was full of fun and an amazing experience. Give a chance to y our destiny to take a ride to Greece and Yes! For that shake hands with Welgrow Travels where you are provided with all the services from top to bottom. You just have to be ready with the money that is inexpensive too. Greece is much more than we were taught at school, beyond your imagination and more than we have seen in the photos with attractive sunsets and golden yellow sandy beaches and lovely weather.

You are in a country with a perfect definition of paradise and distinctively affluent historical past and also bursting with culture and beauty. It is the one which I got attracted much and in actual it is the one which attracts tourists much. It is all about my freedom and I was on my cloud nine walking just the way I am free to walk in my very own country. You have the freedom to enjoy and feel the beautiful turquoise water, flourishing hills; its greenery fascinated me a lot. The only thing is it is always crowded with thousands doing the same as I did.

There are various destinations that are not only the highlights of Greece but are many of them. In my two weeks trip I could hardly visit few places, museums, islands as there are many. It will take half of the year to take a complete rotation of nature oriented country. You see sceneries that have given thousands of iconic images but remain unbelievably glowing and of incredible beauty. It is a sheer reality which is jaw dropping. You will go through beaches and mountains and travel around the spectacular landscapes.

Stroll through the olive orchards, walk through historical sites and move to bunches of islands. Greek islands are the main attributes of Greece and an essential part as well. Syros, Amorgos, Astypalaria, Kastellorizo, Andros and many more islands that will leave every traveler impressed. Dribbling waterfalls, sandy beaches, sand dunes, pebble beach’s, caves, postal card views, hiking are just few you can have fun in there. The most beautiful island I visited twice is Cyclades heaped with sugar cubes on the sea cliffs. Black sand beaches, sunsets, donkeys, windmills all makes one entity. This place hauls hordes of visitors enough to make a peaceful island paradise a crowd loving one. Santorini is among the most pleasing islands and beyond doubt one of the best places to visit in Greece and a must. Also part of the Cyclades, Mykonos features a fresh, multi-ethnic society merged with long-established houses and puzzling streets.

Finding out the essence of a Greek city is much more than a quick tour in the region of its monuments and sightseeing. Everything is easily accessible and visitor friendly around the year and people are at its best, presenting a great sum of modern facilities and preferences. Umpteen numbers of shopping and nightlife is welcoming you with added surprises.

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion, Greece
Image Source

Bus to Cape Sounion was pleasurable and amusing. You must not go without having a look at this place and feel the real peace and it is Temple of Poseidon and they refer it as the god of the sea. This site is an admired day-excursion for tourists from Athens, with sunset over the Aegean Sea. I spent many days there and luckily locals were nice enough to direct me with the whole lot thing I needed from food to the places which is well-known and I had my food at the adjacent cliffs and the waves crashed on the cliffs touching my cheeks.


Zagori, Greece
Image Source

Hiking, Relaxing, Rafting, lakes, forests, canyons and many other entertaining characteristics surrounds Zagori. This place is little known among visitors but while heading to Athens and the islands, this place is more of common. It is accompanied by mountains which are superb mountaineering trails, primeval villages are top places to stay and Valleys, the scrumptious local fare. It also has two national parks in northwestern side of Greece. It offers varied attractions places to multihued food markets, museums and fine art galleries tiny taverns to nightclubs and other entertainment spots.


Halkidiki, Greece
Image Source

A beautiful combination of blue and green and bonding out into the Aegean Sea with less structured resort and more sheltered inlets. One of the locals briefed me and said “It is the peninsula with three small peninsulas and is referred to as the “Three legs of Halkidiki Greece”.  The first one is Kassandra, second one is Sithonia and third is Mount Athos. Each one has got resorts with beautiful beaches, coves and sceneries. Mount Athos is allowed only to men that too after special permission but as explained my friend it is filled with monasteries.


Athens, greece
Image Source

It is the city that is with the most magnificent history in the world and it is not less than magical. It is the city where wisest men were born. Stroll around every street reveals the coexistence of different eras. It is not only the place for worshipping gods but also has luxurious departmental stores and small friendly shops, fancy cafés and conventional hostelries. All have their place in this city. This city is also an imperative center for business, the way of living, existence and nightlife that is totally fun filled.

The gorgeous and exotic Greek islands decoy drove of tourists every year and it is the country that is always crowded. I personally give this place the top most tourist destination for families, honey moon couples and friends. It has got something for everyone visiting that place which makes them one of the world’s top travel destinations in the list. With more than thousands of islands to choose from they may initially be bamboozled by their number and variety. From elegant beaches, antique ruins, multi-colored wharfs, coves and vigorous volcanoes the Greek islands have it all.


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