Recently I visited Europe that took me 6 weeks to complete just the 60 percent of Europe since it is the best destination to spend that much time for a first time trip. I felt few best places to visit and worth investing on them and Yes! Giving more time to that place predominantly. Anyways, I am finally home after 45 days of my trip and compiled few travel tips along with best places to holiday.

Every place I visited had clear sky and warmth and celebrated every weekend with some or other occasion in that particular city. Luckily, I had my Eurail pass that lead to big savings. I hopped on trains to take a look on top or from the lower on the way to other place of Europe and is a great way to see the European country side. The train weaves through the most beautiful part and revealing completely from distant. I must mention the routes were epic in terms of serenity, composure, thrilling festivals, culture and delicious food from all over Europe.

To help you plan your trip to Europe, I have rounded up a list of vibrant towns where your money is best invested and the places that are known for shops, nightlife, museums, architecture, style, hotels, restaurants, malls and best cuisines for our appetite. Here are few places to whet your eagerness.

To start with best place with best memories I have as one of the most perfect on record.

  1. Paris


Indians call it as city of lights and I call it as city of happiness. Every people have their own sense of taste to visit. But I have different and I have compiled world class museums, monuments and churches. I started with my appetite. There is no lack of chefs or foodies in Paris. You will find whole, organic and seasonal food everywhere. Paris is filled with monuments; the best known is Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, museums: Louvre, Churches: Notre Dame and Sacre-Coeur. Followed by all these is architecture: blocks of Rococo. In addition, it is enhanced by gleaming streetlamps and pleasant trees and graceful bridges probably on the way to market, malls, cinemas or café’s.

  1. London
Image Source

If you are going to go elsewhere from food to shop fronts or you are an adventurous eater, I suggest you to pick the well known city: London with hybridize flavors of homely food love.

The weather in London has been so cool since its autumn month and the shining city in other ways in this season. At this time the weather stays calm and of course the tourist crowds thin. You will find the red and orange leaves everywhere especially in Hampstead Health Park. Outdoor concerts, festivals and cinemas abound and there is no shortage of things you can do in London and lots to whet your appetite. You can see: Horse sculptures, Curioser and Curioser, Tower of London, Tate Modern, Hyde Park, South Bank River, Cruise and street artists.

  1. Rome

Rome, Italy

I would call it as the Eternal City, a collection of beautiful history, arts and great food. Here you can see monuments, museums, fountains of Rome, Churches and buildings of Rome. Colosseum is the best monument which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, other than Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. The churches: ST. PETER IN VATICANO, ST. MARY MAJOR and many more. Fountain di Trevi is one of the spectacular fountains in Rome which is must see in Rome. Further you can take time out of busy schedule and go for best museums: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Raphael Stanze and many more to mention amongst.

  1. Amsterdam

Image Source

You can discover the greatness of Amsterdam only after visiting this place and the bike rides for which it is mainly known for. It is famous for its amazing canals which I went to visit at least twice. The Dutch capital is the most time taking place with more than 20 museums and there is a decades old historical park Vondel Park where you can stroll. There is a great shopping district where you can shop till you drop. Here you will find the oldest part of town that is the Red Light District and prominent museums. Mentioning few Rijksmuseums, Van Gogh Museum, Cobra Museum of Modern Art suiting the variety of traveler tastes. Like other place, it also has best dining establishments that are sure to arouse your appetite like pancakes. To upscale my dining experience, I tried Negen Straatjes that is Nine Streets where it did not stope me from ordering more.

  1. Istanbul

Image Source

The line which made me to visit the place with curiosity is “Europe and Asia met in Istanbul”. It is built on seven hills to match the Seven Hills of Rome. In this place, I visited the Grand Bazaar which is the biggest old covered bazzar or markets comprising of more than 3500 shops. In short it’s a vibrant city where there are centuries old mosques, churches, monuments and the best sea side view. It is bounded by sea with Bosphorus Strait cuts through it. Museums: Haghia Sophia, St. Savior in Chora and many more; Mosques: Blue Mosque, Laleli Mosque, Yeni Mosque, etc; Churches: The Bulgarian Church, Anglican Church, Virgin Mary Suryani Church, etc.

For the most authentic experience you must visit these five places of Europe predominantly whenever you make a plan. From simple home cooking to trendiest options in the city you will find everything on priority. These above mentioned places will make your each day with many memorable photo opportunities with terrific landmarks, church, monuments, mosques, great bars and of course brilliant people.

You must quickly put yourself into motion, organizing a trip, challenging and moving on deeply to find your roots. You can leisurely walk the city with handful of great shows and my favorite places. More than anything I had a wonderful experience and have great memories from this trip and will always cherishes them. Every split second was appealing.


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