Japan is one of a kind in its way of life and has pulled in western travelers for various years. Its typical technological innovations coupled with modern cities and Zen culture. The nutritious sea food provides travelers with everything that they require and look for to make their holiday memorable.

Classic food in the japan

Tourists can plan both a short break and long holidays depending upon comfort to be able to enjoy Japan and its original flavor by visiting the wonderful Japanese gardens, witnessing martial arts contests. Holidaymakers often like to visit the Shinto Temples, or ride on the super fast bullet train.

People often worry about the accommodation facilities whenever they move to a new destination. This is not a problem at all in Japan, Luxury Travel in Japan offers an assortment of accommodations that suit every budget starting from single capsule for one person to the most luxurious resorts and five star hotel accommodations. Some of the luxurious destinations of Japan are as under.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the perfect place which symbolizes the confluence of past, present, and future. It is known as the metropolitan city of the world, Tokyo leads the global combination of universal internationally famed cities. It is the operational hub of global finance and international trade. This city is the pride and capital of Japan, and is considered as the visitor mecca of Asia.

If you are a foodie, then head on to Tokyo, the food heaven of the world. Tokyo has 191 stars given by Michelin, the international gourmet rater, which is 5 times more than Paris. Sushi, a fish dish is a delight to be savored. If you are visiting through Tokyo travel packages, be sure to taste this world famous savory dish. Sushi is synonymous with Japan and is a national cuisine icon.

Sushia fish

2. Kyoto

This amazing city offers travelers of Japan a compelling alternative to Tokyo. This city is a blend of the ancient and the modern, with many reminders of this city’s history, and its spots as the cultural heart of the nation. Kyoto has a vast cultural history which can easily be seen in its temples. These temples offer a glimpse of the varied nature of Japanese culture. They are also architecturally and historically fascinating. You will discover that galore of the attractions recommended to Kyoto travelers will be the temples of some sort. Kyoto has 400 year old noodle house serving the best quality noodles to its travelers. Kaiseki ryori has its origin in the traditional tea ceremony, but later develop into an elaborate dining style popular among aristocratic circles. Kyoto style kaiseki ryori is particularly refined, placing an prominence on subtle flavors and local and seasonal ingredients.


3. Osaka

Osaka is covered with arcade and shopping centers. My personal top choice is doguyasuji, where you can discover shops loaded with authentic items of Japanese kitchen, including cooking utensils. The Japanese are very peculiar about the quality of their food and the utensils which they utilize for cooking their traditional food. It is one of the celebrated luxury destinations in Japan because of the unrivaled food that it serves. Osaka is famous for the flour-based battered version with seafood and cabbage, which is the hot favorite of many holidaymakers visiting this city.



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