Beaches of Thailand

A heaven for travel lovers, Thailand is a truly magical luxury destinations. Popular for its beaches, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, however with such a variety of to look over, it can be hard to pick the ideal one. Below are some of the best beaches in Thailand. Each has its own particular identity, so you’re certain to locate the right beach for you. Here are 5 of the best beaches in Thailand that are truly a paradise for beach lovers

1. Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong beach on Phuket is the island’s most well known beach and presumably the most mainstream beach in all of Thailand. For some vacationers, it’s the best of both worlds – a flawless, huge, wide beach with white sand and warm water and a lot of shops, eateries, bars and clubs in the encompassing range.

Getting Around Patong:

The beach and surrounding regions are sufficiently huge that you might not want to walk from spot to put.

Rent a bike or take one of the numerous scaled down transports that employ the lanes to get from your inn to the beach or shopping.

Getting to Patong:

Patong Beach is counted as one of the best luxury travel destinations in Thailand and is located on the west shoreline of Phuket and in case you’re originating from the air terminal you can either take a taxi for around 350 baht or get on what might as well be called an offer the-ride van for around 150 baht.

What to Expect:

Patong Beach is a developed, occupied beach territory but since there is no improvement right on the beach (and a street isolating the town from the beach) despite everything it offers sweeping views of the sea and relative quietness. On the off chance that you simply want to unwind on the beach, lease a beach seat from one of the merchants who’ve set up shop on the beach.

They likewise offer lager, water and squeeze. Individuals of all ages visit Patong Beach however it is especially well known with guests in their mid 20s.

What to Do:

Patong Beach is activity pressed, so in the event that you like paragliding, plane skiing or riding banana water crafts you are in good fortune. On the off chance that you want to escape the sun for some time, head to the upscale Jung Ceylon Mall around the local area, or get something to eat at one of the numerous food slows down and eateries.

2. Railey Beach, Krabi


Railey Beach, encompassed by enormous limestone precipices and sponsored by lavish wilderness, is one of Thailand’s most delightful beaches. In spite of the fact that it’s on the territory in Krabi Province, since it’s just open by watercraft, it gives you desert island vibes. There are innumerous beaches in Railey, West Railey and East Railey. East Railey is mud pads and mangroves. It’s only a few minutes by foot to West Railey, however ensure you know which beach you’re keeping focused.

Getting Around Railey:

Railey Beach is a little isthmus off of the terrain and is sufficiently little that you can get around by walking. Actually, there are no autos or bikes on Railey.

Getting to Railey:

Railey Beach is on the terrain but since it’s isolated from whatever is left of the nation by mountains, you should arrive by vessel from Krabi’s principle beach, Ao Nang.

What to Expect:

In spite of the fact that it’s turning out to be more well known each year, Railey Beach is still laid back and calm contrasted with other famous beaches in the region. There are several bars on Railey yet for the most part nightlife is restricted and those looking for huge gatherings may feel somewhat exhausted.

What to Do:

Energetic people will love Railey in view of the considerable number of exercises accessible on the beach or around it.

The are is known for rock climbing and there are several shot courses accessible (apprentices can agree to lessons and propelled climbers can lease hardware effortlessly), kayaking and snorkeling. In the event that that is not your thing, it’s a peaceful beach for unwinding.

3. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Ley


Koh Phi, a little island two or three hours by vessel from Phuket, is an island partner’s fantasy. Clear water, grand precipices and delicate sand make Koh Phi a photo impeccable heaven. The main downside? A large number of others definitely know about it and it’s in threat of being invade by water crafts, visitor houses and tourists. Still, in case you’re not irritated by crowds or overdevelopment, you may discover it the most wonderful spot on earth.

Getting to Koh Phi:

By vessel from Phuket: Boats depart the Rasada Pier in Phuket three times each day.

The ride for the most part takes around a hour and a half.

By vessel from Krabi: Boats depart the Chao Fa Pier or Klong Jilad Pier two to three times each day, contingent upon the season, and take around a hour and a half. Amid high season, there are now and then ships from Ao Nang to Koh Phi.

Check with your lodging or a travel specialists for particular calendars, as they change frequently.

Most ships land in Ton Sai. In case you’re heading somewhere else on the island, take a longtail vessel to your last destination.

Getting Around Koh Phi:

In case you’re staying around Ton Sai, the zone that interfaces the two portions of area that frame the island, you can walk anywhere in the range.

Longtail water crafts are accessible for contract to take you starting with one beach then onto the next on the island. They additionally make outings to neighboring islands for snorkeling, plunging or different trips.

What to Expect:

Koh Phi was hard hit amid the 2004 Tsunami yet has bobbed back in full compel but still it has always been the best place for luxury travel in Thailand. The gathering of islands, contained Koh Phi Don (where the lodging are) and Koh Phi Ley, in addition to a sprinkling of other little islands, is a standout amongst the most excellent spots in Thailand however can be extremely crowded.

What to Do:

The islands encompassing Koh Phi (counting Koh Phi Ley) offer fabulous trekking, snorkeling and swimming open doors.

Guests can exploit the various day trips that leave from Ton Sai each morning, or wander out in a sanctioned longtail pontoon all alone. There are likewise numerous scuba jumping schools on the island.

4. Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin


Hua Hin Beach, only a few hours from Bangkok, is a standout amongst the most well known beaches in Thailand. The beach itself is a long, level stretch of sand that slants tenderly into the sea, and it’s encompassed by a residential community with a lot of lodgings, resorts and visitor houses and in addition spots to eat and drink.

Getting Around Hua Hin:

Hua Hin legitimate is sufficiently little that you won’t require much else besides two feet to get around.

On the off chance that you want to dare to more remote beaches or to encompassing destinations, think about leasing as an auto or motorbike.

Getting to Hua Hin:

Hua Hin is anything but difficult to get to from Bangkok. There are day by day trains from Bangkok’s Hua Lumpong Station that take around three hours. There are likewise various government transports every day from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal and from Victory Monument (minibuse

What to Expect:

Hua Hin pulls in bunches of nearby tourists and heaps of Europeans, and amid high season the beach can be pressed. Around town there are likely the same number of German and Italian eateries as there are Thai ones.

What to Do:

In case you’re not relaxing on the beach or your resort’s pool, consider horseback riding! In Hua Hin there are always stallions accessible for rent and aides who will lead you in the event that you are not an accomplished rider. You can likewise climb up the close-by mountains or travel somewhat more distant to one of the nation’s prettiest national parks, Sam Roi Yot.

5. Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Genuine jumpers and travelers only genuine about unwinding on a picturesque, less created island will love Koh Tao. The generally little island is molded like a kidney bean, with the vast majority of the prevalent beach region confronting west. The inside is tough and undeveloped. Koh Tao is sufficiently developed, however, particularly around the primary beach Mae Haad, that it doesn’t feel excessively confined, yet there aren’t an excess of different tourists or whatever else, truly.

In spite of the fact that the island is drawing in more travelers simply searching for pretty beaches, despite everything it holds its jumper driven demeanor.

Sairee Beach:

Sairee Beach is Koh Tao’s biggest and most prominent beach. It’s just around a mile long and has a lot of resorts, eateries and bars.

Getting Around Koh Tao:

Despite the fact that Koh Tao is under three miles through and through, it’s tough and does not have extraordinary streets, so getting starting with one place then onto the next can be a test. You can likewise lease a motorbike to get around however streets can be exceptionally unsafe, particularly after downpours.

Getting to Koh Tao:

Koh Tao is available either by ship from the terrain or from Koh Samui.

Via plane: Fly into one of two neighboring airplane terminals and afterward take a watercraft. Take a non-stop flight from Bangkok to Samui, then take a ship from Samui to Koh Tao (under 2 hours). You can likewise fly into Surathani and take a ship from that point (6 hours, incorporates stops on Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan).

So these were 5 of the best beaches in Thailand that you can choose for a leisure luxury tour and trip.


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