Travel by Wellness

The stresses of your daily routine are bond to get to you at one point or another. When they do, you need a vacation. Not every vacation experience is soothing and relaxing though. You are therefore required to choose one that you will enjoy and get the best out of. A wellness retreat is your best bet to addressing certain ailments. They usually have tailored programs like detoxification, anti- aging, weight loss, stress reduction just to mention a few. There are a number of great Wellness Travel Destinations that could suit your needs and leave you feeling relaxed and healthy.Trips that will be worth your while all over the globe.

Thailand: Kamalaya

Thailand Spa PamperingSpa PamperingThailand Spa Pampering

This is an award winning holistic spa and sanctuary. It is located at a valley that overlooks the southern parts of KohSamui. It is thus the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a detoxification holiday. Once, several years ago, Buddhist monks used these caves as a place for spiritual meditation and a spiritual retreat. It therefore still has that calming and revitalizing energy. The staff at Kamalaya, Thailand are not just looking to get tips and give you a quick- fix that will not be helpful in the long run. They are looking to create a stimulating environment that will encourage long- term health transformation and personal growth. You stand to benefit from the many wellness programs, the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the luxurious grounds where the spa is located.

Bali: Como Shambhala


Bali, Como Shambala is an uncontaminated destination that hosts an award wining spa. It offers all who visit a healthy option of relaxation and top- notch accommodations, which are sure to help you feel relaxed no matter what kind of year or time you have had. It is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle which helps keep you calm and helps keep the holistic approach of the wellness program applicable. Apart from the unusually fresh air especially if you are from the city, you can also enjoy Pilates, yoga, hiking, cycling and tennis. You can also treat yourself to some great and relaxing time in the spa. It is a very popular destination for single people looking to pamper themselves and relax.

South Africa: The Karkloof spa wellness and wildlife retreat

South Africa Awakening Your Soul

It is the highest rated wellness destination in Africa. It offers you the chance to relax both your mind and body at the center of Mother Nature’s epic creations. Other than the relaxing massage you will receive at the spa and the amazing feeling after being pampered by the friendly and highly professional staff, you also get to see South Africa’s best wildlife live in action. The calmness and the fun of watching the wild beast walk around will take your mind off things. It will create a place where you can rid your mind of all stress and thus enjoy perfect help as a result of reduces stress and the many activities you will be involved in including yoga and Pilates.

St Lucia: The Body Holiday

wellness in St Lucia

The beautiful virgin rainforests and the amazing waterfalls are what surround the body holiday in St Lucia. The island provides you with the perfect platform to cater for your wellness and fitness needs. The wellness center offers you amazing therapies, treatments and activities that are based of the pillars of the program- good diet, exercise, relation and restoration of beauty. It is perfect for the solo parson especially when it comes to taking part in the yoga programs and the Pilate classes. You also take part in activities like Zumba, tennis, diving, beach boxing amongst many others. You will also be exposed to a number of great restaurants and bars to spoil your taste buds.

Spain: SHA wellness clinic



It prides itself with offering a specifically tailored wellness program that gives a great alternative to a weightless holiday. It hosts the world’s only macrobioticspa which makes it unique and favored even by celebrities. You are also offered a wide range of physical activities including cooking classes and therapies. The cool and calm surrounding maximize the impact of the experience to all who go there. Because it is a weight loss oriented program, the diet is stringent and extremely healthy.


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