Whenever you plan to pay a visit to Europe, it is so alluring to perform everything – to visit every city of our earth’s most varied continent. See the gorgeous metropolis of London on top of the London Eye, stand on the top of the Eiffel Tower, ski down the regal Alps, among other things or just engage on a gastronomic trip!, However, unless you have got years of vacation time, it is going to be a bit challenging to do it all!, Therefore, simply to make your life slightly simpler, we have selected the top 5 European countries everybody ought to visit.

  1. Greece

The first Europe holiday destination that we will mention in this list will be Greece. Its formally referred to as the Hellenic Republic, comes with an area of 50,945 square miles and it is located in south-eastern Europe. Greece is surrounded by Bulgaria on the north and Turkey to the east. The Ionian Sea is situated to the west of Greece whilst the Aegean Sea is in the east. Athens is the capital of Greece.


This amazing country offers excellent sceneries. You can check out Greece’s plentiful natural gifts: shorelines, rocky massifs, island destinations, gorges, sand dunes, caves, rivers, lakes, biotopes, plus much more. In these gorgeous surroundings, you’ll be able to rehearse the game of your preference: soccer, athletics, tennis, volleyball, basketball, golf, canoe-kayak, hiking, rafting, sailing, as well as windsurfing.


Furthermore, Greece has lots of archeological sites, ancient monuments, and museums among which the Acropolis of Athens, Monastery complex of Agion Oros , Mystras (Medieval City) and the Temple of Epicurean Apollo deserve mention.

Moreover, luxury travel in  Greece offers a number of festivals as well as events. For instance, you won’t like to miss the Athens Concert Hall (all year round), Hellenic Festival (summer season), National Theatre of Greece (all year round), Greek National Opera (all year round), and International Thessaloniki Film Festival (November).

  1. France

France provides visitors an excellent getaway in its seashores, recreational areas, gardens, historical sites, as well as amusement centers. The nation provides an excellent subtropical climate aiding tourism to a great extent. Filled with numerous attractions, the different cities, and towns of France provide visitors an unforgettable stay.


The country is host to some of the gorgeous cities on the planet. France boasts of many cultural as well as historical points of interest in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Nantes. Among the top French sightseeing attractions, more than 8 million folks explore the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, the Louvre Museum and Fontainebleau Forest and castle every year. Additional well-known places of interest are Chateau de Chambord, Palace of Versailles, and Sainte Chapelle. The museums and galleries symbolize the Gothic Style of architecture as well as artworks of Italian and French artists. River cruises, winter sports, backpacking, vine valley tours, and also island visits draw a substantial number of visitors each year.

For those who love adventure, the French Alps in Rhone, wine valleys in Burgundy, the Fontainebleau Forest, and Monte-Carlo rock tours are very important. The panoramic tours in the different urban centers of France are popular amongst the young couples for celebrating their honeymoon.

Fontainebleau Forest france

For amusing the children and letting them have a pleasant vacation, visiting the numerous recreational areas, zoos, national parks, theme parks, as well as gardens is essential. You may make a day’s trip to the following locations in France for amusement – Aquaboulevard Park in Paris, Pyrenees national park, Disneyland Paris, Château de Versailles Gardens, and Universal Studios Paris.

  1. Switzerland

It is at times amazing to realize how a small nation can have this type of vast and incredible number of attractions. Switzerland luxury travel, a dream location for every traveler, abounds with elegance and unparalleled vacation spots.


Located in Central Europe, this alpine beauty, never allows your eyes to go off the peaks and spectacular landscapes. These types of mountains are great for skiing. The Matterhorn in Zermatt is a wonderful location for snowboarding experience. This popular peak of Alps in Zermatt is considered the most well-known among the mountaineers. Each one of the towns in Switzerland has something available to stun you while you are there. The outstanding lakeside position of Geneva is abundant with fountains, museums, as well as eateries and several other valuable places.

On the eastern part of the nation, the mountain valley of Graubunden provides magnificent sights of mountain landscapes. The metropolis of Zurich possesses its own elegance. Reputed for the popular world class art galleries as well as financial establishments, this urban center provides a fantastic opportunity to appreciate swimming in the lake Zurich.


You can never afford to disregard the breathtaking scenery of the White Mountains at Engadin. Among the most exciting points of interest, Mt Pilatus in Lucerne is a location from where you can appreciate the amazing vistas. The incredible journey to the lofty peak on a cable car enables you to experience the dream view of hills plus incredible vistas. Besides all these, one needs to possess a lot of stamina to cover all the amazing attractions of spectacular Switzerland.

  1. Italy

Rome which is a luxury travel destination in Italy has popularity among the holidaymakers due to its ancient monuments. It has historically significant locations such as the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Vatican City, and much more. Rome was the heart of the Roman Empire that had an enormous impact in Europe and made a substantial impression on the advancement of modern living. The Colosseum was constructed in this particular time period and it was utilized as a big theater where the gladiators used to fight. Vatican City is a spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Church and also the house of the Pope.


Venice is a celebrated touristic destination. It is a metropolis with numerous canals and the majority of the roadways are covered with water. The popular gondolas are the only possible means of transport. The most well-known sites in the city are St. Mark Square, Ponte Della Paglia, Rialto Bridge, Campo S. Stefano and so forth.

Tuscany is among the most stunning locations on earth. Tuscany provides home to the towns of Pisa, Florence, Sienna and also Lucca. Apart from the wonderful nature in the towns of Tuscany we are able to locate a huge variety of art museums as well as galleries. The Uffizi Gallery is in Florence which exhibits the paintings of Leonardo, Botticelli, Filippo Lippi, and many others.


The town of Pisa acquired global reputation due to its tower. The Tower of Pisa is actually a bell tower that leans on one side. This leaning had been a result of the tender ground. After many years of maintenance, the tower is once again open for general public and is among the most popular touristic attractions in the country.

  1. Croatia

Croatia is situated in between Herzegovina and Bosnia, and also Slovenia. Croatia is much better known for its vibrant culture as well as traditions. The nation enjoys 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as 8 national parks which are frequented by local people and travelers alike. Croatia furthermore makes use of sports as a different means to entice people towards them. The country is a one of Europe’s major soccer nations. However, Croatia is not just addicted to soccer. Just like various nations, locals are huge fans of basketball in addition to water polo.


For tourist locations, the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are important to visit while in this particular Europe holiday destination. The historical town of Trogir is a great tourist spot. Grab your cameras and get pictures of amazing historic Greek and Roman-influenced institutions and infrastructures. In case, you really feel as if getting single with Mother Nature then you should not miss the Stari Grad Plain. This particular landscape has been constructed by the ancient Greeks and has retained its most genuine appearance by the stone walls set up several centuries ago.


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