Are you really looking for a perfect honeymoon destination then plan your honeymoon in Kenya. Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular and breathtaking destinations where you will get lost in the romantic nature’s attractiveness. The land is known for its endless wildlife beauty, where the couple can explore incredible wildlife beauty. The land has perfect multitude of rare flora and fauna which will give you perfect space for your honeymoon. In Kenya you will not only explore endless savannahs teeming with wildlife but also enjoy hot air balloon ride over the Mara, flamingo-smothered Lake Natron. Honeymoon in Kenya will be always luxurious and relaxing whether you are, interacting with the famous Masai people, or enjoying safari or lounging. You will always feel exciting in your trip since Kenya is quintessential romantic and pristine destination in the world.


We ensure you that as honeymooners, you will be treated with complete care and attention and go back with wonderful lasting memories. In the trip you will be provided with extra special touches to create your special honeymoon. Together you will go beyond and feel the romantic destination of Kenya while staying in Shompole Eco Safari Lodge. The lodge is comprises of all luxury facilities. This is basically a five star property. While coming here you will get all the luxury facilities like private plunge pools, the beds, bathrooms, impeccable service, stunning food and many more. In your honeymoon, you will be offered by hidden private reserves where you will carefully enjoy your romantic trip and get the best of the wildlife and scenery view. For couples, we have carefully selected friendly and romantic camps and lodges where couple can and safe honeymoon vacations. While staying one will explore the edge of the Great Rift Valley and spot the amazing beauty of Kenya.

Shompole Eco Safari Lodge

As we know that honeymoon is the beginning of life together, so you will plan your trip in fantastic way. We ensure that the couple gets what they have dreamt for their dream honeymoon and accordingly we plan the trip. We feel that honeymoon is the best vacation which you can cherish; we ensure that both get what they want. In honeymoon camps are even best option to stay and enjoy the wildlife and adventure if you love romance you will stay in stylish haven camp and have perfect honeymoon. You will experience peaceful environment with beautiful scenery and enjoy the romance and safari adventure

These camps offer spectacular views of nature at its best with peace and tranquility. These camps are located in the heart of Masai Mara Game Reserve where one will experience both lush greenery and wildlife creatures. In camps are designed by canvas tents provided by luxurious furniture’s. Incredibly the camps are beautiful, so you will surely have a wonderful time.

Masai Mara Game Reserve

Beyond this one can have honeymoon at beach site, where you will stay in a resort and enjoy the quality time together and avail the finest amenities.  To make your honeymoon more exacting and thrilling, you can plan vacation on Beach Resort and romance around. The beaches are located at the best locations of Kenya. After coming here you can enjoy interesting activities and fine dining and understating each other.

To experience this you can arrive at Baobab Beach Resort which is one of the most popular beaches in the Africa and well recognized for its exotic beauty and world class services. The beach resort is surrounded by coconut palms which are stretches over 500 meters of golden beach. The entire resort offers the ultimate luxury beach holiday where the couple can enjoy exotic vacation.  If you will come, you will find that it is shaded by indigenous coastal vegetation where relaxing comfort stay.  If you are keen to experience unforgettable travel memories, you can come and explore the resort with its spa amenities.


Interestingly, while staying in house also you can have perfect balance of romance, luxury, relaxation and adventure. For different honeymoon vacation spend your honeymoon in House and enjoy the trip. While staying in house the couple can enjoy plenty of activities available like sands and a striking pool and enjoy the honeymoon in most dramatic locations. You will surely have a lifetime experience with traditional Swahili dhow.

Further, in your honeymoon trip, you can come to costal line and stay in Manda Bay. Manda is a beautiful luxury travel destination in Kenya to spend your honeymoon since has scenic environment. Not only this, you will encounter countless activities and enjoy, delicious meals made by Bimbi Dyer. This is interestingly place to stay and spend time together in Manda Bay. We are sure that after coming here, you will be mesmerized by the perfect panorama views.


Life is full of fun in Kenya, you will not only enjoy staying in Resorts and beached and camps but also in Sandies Tropical Village. Whoever stays in this Sandies Tropical Village you will enjoy lots of things like discotheque, water sports, archery, evening animation program, table tennis, and other outdoor. The tropical village is located in Malindi and is a perfect honeymoon destination in Kenya. If you will come you will love Sandies Tropical Village for there is no other place in the world that resembles it.


In Kenya, there are other locations where the couple can go and enjoy their honeymoon. The destination offers privacy and luxury services. The surrounding will make their honeymoon more enjoyable since it has complete peace. While coming here the couple can take a walk along the white sand beach and view the beautiful sandy beach. They can explore and enjoy the panorama views of the coastline on a boat cruise and enjoy other activities like deep sea fishing diving, snorkeling, surfing, and many more.

 You will be surrounded by beautiful garden, a tranquil environment where you will enjoy the unique hospitality. While staying in these resorts you will be offered by facilities such as beautiful swimming pools, Morjana Spa, gourmet restaurant and many more.


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