Switzerland has countless natural beauty to explore and enjoy since it’s a home to numerous lakes, high peaks, villages valleys, river, waterfall and glaciers. Natural Wonders will give you breathtaking feeling of the place, where you will have your excursion through many mountain train rides.

In your pleasure trip you will explore both new and old towns within its cities. Old cities contain medieval landmarks like capital Bern’s where you will view Zytglogge clock tower and Cathedral of Bern.


You can start you sightseeing trip from Aletsch glacier, which is one of the longest glacier holds 27 billion tones of ice. This glacier reminds us of Ice Age. This is approximately 23km long (and up to 1.5km wide & 900m thick. Despite its size and length it is truly awesome sight that can be surely appreciated by everyone. Adjoined to the Glacier, you will visit Lauterbrunnen Valley which is slicing right through the heart of the Alps. This valley is even recognized as a glacial valley widen in kilometers, where you will view its U-shape sheer cliffs.

This is some of the finest identified excursion destinations in the Jungfrau region where you can travel and enjoy the trip. The place is accessible even though it is surrounded by narrow mountain road. Out here you will explore the peaceful little mountain village of Isenfluh and have a walks in the romantic Saustal to Mürren and the Lobhorn mountains.

Further, you will visit Oeschinensee, the place is known for perfect honeymoon destinations in Switzerland which is located up above Kandersteg. The place is bit small but perfectly the best place to escape from the world and spend some valuable time.


As the place is full of natural beauty, so while coming here you will visit Rhine Falls, which is Europe’s largest waterfalls. It is 150m wide, 23m high and with 700,000 liters and is perfectly standing on the concrete platform. While viewing the fall you will enjoy the spray and the roar of the water falls. If you are not content with water view in your trip, you can further visit Matterhorn which is a triangular mountain literally stands out from the crowd. It looks majestic and is well acknowledged owing to its solitary and isolation. The crooked peak has become an iconic symbol of Switzerland where visits come from across the world and enjoy the vacation. There is another wonderful location where you can go and explore the blue world. You can cone to Lake Lucerne, where you will enjoy the experience the sublime beauty of water and even view the mesmerizing background of jagged peaks.


Switzerland has over 1500 lakes but you will enjoy viewing of Lake Lucerne since it has better view as compare to other one. In this lake you can take a paddle-steamer to experience its bulges and bottlenecks. Last but not the least, you can move towards Eiger, which is possibly recognized as Europe’s most famous mountain. The mountain overshadows its taller neighbors, Mönch and Jungfrau and claimed to be the tallest one. If you are planning for luxury travel in Switzerland then you will sure fascinated by viewing these captivating natural locations. So pack ready yourself for this wonderful trip.


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