Kenya is a naturally blessed place and the geographical location of the country is the reason behind it. Straddled by the line of equator Kenya is the safari capital of the world. Considered as one of the most powerful countries in East Africa, Kenya is still a developing country. The socio economic conditions in Kenya are imbalanced and where the rich leaders live in luxury other lower wage Kenyans live in messiness

A perfect example of Unity, Kenya which constitutes of many ethnic groups and tribes showed their solidarity in the battle for Uhuru – autonomy from British pioneer standard, accomplished in 1963. Tourism contributes a lot to the economy of the country and has provided employment to a large number of people in the country.

Kenya is smitten in its National safari parks, tribal groups and sublime shorelines. Every year thousands of tourists come to the country to explore the natural beauty and wildlife here. If you really love to try something new then you can come here and be a part of the Kenyan culture: a constantly dynamic scene of sloppy homestead tracks, folded iron cottages, coffeehouses and hotel houses, packed transports and avenues meandered by goats and kids. The people here are quite friendly and you can view a wealth of magnificent view – moving savanna specked with Maasai crowds and wild creatures, high Kikuyu moorlands nibbled by dairy cattles and sheeps, and don’t forget the thick backwoods where you will find birds chirping songs and monkeys all over the place. Obviously Kenya is not all postcard-flawless: begin a discussion with any nearby and you’ll soon get some answers concerning the nation’s profound financial and social pressures.


The safari parks have always been the main highlight of luxury travel in Kenya. In spite of the effect of human populace weights, Kenya’s natural life scene remains a convincing knowledge. The millions of tourists coming here can thoroughly enjoy themselves in such an extensive nation, and there’s nothing that can come your way when the talk is about security here.

The significant national stops and holds, watered via regular streams, are for the most part situated in savanna on the edges of the good countries that take up a great part of the southwest quarter of the nation. Most by far of Kenyans live in these tough slopes, where the edges are a blend of smallholdings and estates. Through the heart of the good countries sprawls the Great Rift Valley, an original East African scene of dry, thistle tree savanna, sprinkled with lakes and studded by volcanoes.

Nairobi, at the southern edge of the lovely land, is always equipped with tourists; however the capital has a lot of redirections to possess your time while orchestrating your travels and some exceptionally advantageous social attractions in its own particular right.
The Kakamega Forest, with its novel natural life, is close-by, and all that could possibly be needed motivation to strike out west.

Do not forget to Climb Mount Kenya, the country’s most thrilling place for adventure seekers. Standing at 4,986m above sea level, this volcano is the second biggest mountain in the entire Africa. Those who decide to climb the Mount Kenya are guaranteed of a great experience in the Mountain Huts and Clubs on their way. No matter if you can’t get to the top, you still can take the view of ice capped valleys and great wildlife.

Every traveler who is on a luxury tour to Kenya must experience the magic of the Masai Mara. The most popular game park of Kenya and the world, Masai Mara got its name from the Maasai tribe, the 17th century migrants from the Nile Valley. The game park is the extension of the much popular Serengeti National Park and Plains, the best place to view lion, cheetah and leopard.

When you are on a luxury tour to Kenya you need to do a research work. Based on the number of days you are visiting the country you can choose the sites and destinations that you can visit. If you are on a shorter tour then mark the main highlights and visit. In case you are planning a longer stay, find out key tourists spots in all the major cities of Kenya.


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