The East part of the Africa is all about luxurious travels with big reputed National Parks running around and marking the migration of the beautiful wildlife. Tourists from different corners of the world pay a huge amount to experience the beauty of the Botswana thanks to its great rich of wildlife, beautiful locations to explore and hundreds and thousands of hectares to roam and snap.


Botswana has always been associated with the luxury and thus, it takes a big pocket to arrange a tour to this part of the Africa. The expensive travel cost to Botswana makes it a once in a lifetime experience and thus, one needs to make sure that they utilize most of it by exploring all the luxury destinations in Botswana. With you guys planning a tour to Botswana, we are here with the list of the things that one must do in this part of Africa:

  1. Air Safari 


Okavango Delta is one of the beautiful places in the lands of the Botswana. This place is quite often beautiful , but air Safari is something which is one of the exciting things to do, but hardly someone goes for. Hire a helicopter and roam around the Okavango Delta and you will be mesmerized the beauty of it. Don’t forget to take out your camera to capture this experience to cherish all your life.

  1. Visit the ‘Louvre of the Desert’


It’s now time to go to the place where you will come to know a bit about the Stone Age generation. Make sure to visit the ‘Louvre of the Desert’, which is highest concentrations of rock art in the world. All the rocks are scripted with the 4,500 beautiful paintings by the people from the Stone Age in the 19th century. The paintings will narrate the stories of our past generation and how they survived in that time. There are couples of worship places in there and one needs to make sure that they must remain respectful while a visit to this place.

  1. Enjoy Sunset Cruises at Chobe National Park


The Chobe National Park has been one of the wells known preservers of the wildlife with maintaining the wide range of species of Elephants. However, the sunrise and sunset on the cruise are one of the highlights of this place. It is an auspicious feeling to experience the sunrise and sunset with all the animals doing the daily stuff, especially one needs to be lucky enough to view the herd of elephants snorkeling their way alongside the river.

  1. Private Safari Camps at Okavango, Moremi Game Reserve


Looking to cherish the taste of both wildness and luxurious? Then, you should go for the private safari camps at the Okavango, Moremi Game Reserve. It will an ideal safari for an individual as one can enjoy the beauty of wildlife and at the same time enjoy the luxurious services provided at the Machaba Camp and Khwai Tented Camp. The totals of 14 suite camps are available at these two camps, but there is another camp Abu Camp, which maintains considerable number of the suite camps and will also offer the beautiful safari camp. These are the best Botswana safari camps in the whole East Africa.

  1. Meet the Bushmen


It’s quite often that we meet new people on our visit to a new place, but meeting the Bushmen on the tour to Botswana is one of the things that one should put on their bucket list. Bushmen are the oldest civilization of the South Africa and it means that culture associated with them is old precious. Meet them, try to talk them and try to gain the knowledge about the planet earth that they inherited from their previous ancestors. It is believed that the species of Bushmen is 20,000 years old and it makes a highly precious.

These things are just a glimpse of the excitement and fun that one can have in the lands of Botswana. What you are waiting for? Talk to the nearby travel house, choose the best travel package to Botswana, reach the airport and catch the flight and kickoff the never forgetting journey in the Botswana.


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