Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean nation, flanking Slovenia in the west, Hungary in the north, Serbia in the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the south; the nation additionally has a long sea fringe with Italy in the Adriatic Sea. These outskirts add up to 2,028 km through and through. Croatia has an uncommon shape (like a croissant) that is not at all like whatever other nation on the planet, which comes accordingly of five centuries of development by the Ottoman.

Dubrovnik’s notoriety has expanded to a vast degree among the recently wedded love birds. You will see it’s well known exhibition halls and theater, for the most part, loaded with the tourists or wedding trip couples getting a charge out of the view. Wonderful ancient architecture will give you a flawless backdrop for your photography session that can be incorporated into the wedding collection. Plenty of inns are available over the water and you can see the view while remaining at the galleries. The place is the ideal amalgamation of customary feel and cutting edge style that permits you to have a sentimental time with each other.


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