As we hear the Name Rajasthan, the image that comes to mind is turban-clad Princes with a lot of jewellery and beautiful princesses, all riding horses and elephants with a troupe of Courtiers following them. The Rajpoot warriors ruled over Rajasthan, and they named many cities after them.

The Maharajas of Rajasthan were efficient in trade and amassed huge wealth to fulfill their hunger for lavishes. They built massive forts and marvelous palaces, and this was the favorites pastime for these princes.

Rajasthan can undoubtedly be called the luxury travel destination in India for its riches and wealth and spectacular palaces.

The luxury tour operators in India will start the journey from the most historically rich Udaipur.



Udaipur, named after Udai Singh, formerly the capital of the Mewar Kingdom is set around a series of artificial lakes and is known for its lavish royal residences.

The Maharajas were great patronage of art and craft as well, so as the artisans and craftsmen who weren’t recognized gained popularity and recognition under the leadership of these Maharajas.

Soaked in the stories of  romance and renowned of its large desert landscape where males adorn colored turbans and women wear sparkling saris, Rajasthan depicts the classy India for most of the foreign tourists.

Udaipur, the luxury travel destination in India, is also known as the ‘Venice of East’ and City of Lakes.  With its wonderful lake palaces, gardens, Havelis and bathing ghats, Udaipur can be considered as the most romantic city in India, and the Floating Taj Lake Palace is the most romantic place to reside and can be arranged by the luxury tour operators in India.

Places Worth Visiting in Udaipur


As Udaipur is a city of lakes, hence there are too many artificial and natural lakes for a luxury tour operator in India to take a tourist to. Apart from the lakes the museums and Temples are worth having a visit. The list can be summarized as follows:

  • Lake Pichola
  • City Palace of Udaipur
  • Bagoreki Haveli
  • Lake Fatehsagar
  • Eklingji Temple
  • City Palace Government museum.
  • Srinathji Temple

Udaipur was voted the Best City in the World in 2009 by a travel magazine and is one of the most popular wedding destination for lavish marriages among Indians and Foreigners too.

Udaipur also hosts the Udaipur Lake Festival, organized by the Municipal Corporation of the city. During this festival, Musical shows,  jungle safari, bird watching, light and sound shows, art fair, etc. are held around the lakes.

Many Bollywood films and Octopussy: The James Bond film has been shot in Udaipur, so when a film freak visits this city he may have a taste of these old and new classic movies.

The city is well connected to other parts of the country by Air, rail, and road. The local transportation includes Taxis, buses, and cabs in addition to water transports.

Culture and Cuisine


 Udaipur is not only popular for its historical attractions but also street food. The famous Sukhadia Circle and the Chetak Circle n are the parts of the city, where innumerable stalls serve quick bites from morning till night.  One can have hot samosa, crispy kachori, delicious aloo bad, tasty vadapav,  deli, poha or a very tender scrambled egg at these stalls.

Ghoomar, Kalbelia, KachchiGhodi dances are the most popular and distinct dance forms in Udaipur.

Miniature paintings are the most famous paintings developed under the patronage of the rulers of Rajasthan.


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