Heaven seems a little closer to the beach. A pool of blue sky setting the scene and sea waves playing hide and seek with the sandy shore is indeed a little piece of heaven. Exploring diverse marine life through scuba diving and snorkeling, and exploring thrilling interactive aquariums are just some of the additional delights of beach travel. It’s certainly one of the best ways of making sweet memories with loved ones.

Best beaches for newlyweds


Starting life with cherished recollections strengthens the bond with one’s soul mate. Honeymoon travel destinations can offer an unforgettable experience for any couple. Some of the best beaches are listed below.

Greek Isles, the Cyclades

welgrowgroupuploads-interests-images-cnt_144275074466_beach-3 (1)

The Cyclades is a popular tourist destination. While the shimmering turquoise-blue waters are an attraction in their own right, their rustic mountains, bright sun, and delicious food attract honeymooners and seasoned travelers alike. The most famous of the islands, Santorini, boasts breathtaking sunsets and dramatic white stone cliffs. Naxos, the largest of the isles, features long sandy beaches and stunning green valleys and ravines. Hike to PanagiaPoulati, a whitewashed blue-domed structure and bell tower set atop a sparkling bay.

Bali, Indonesia

thailands beach.jpg

Not just a pretty island full of picturesque beaches, volcanoes, World Heritage-listed, terraced rice fields and lush forests, Bali’s real allure is its unique culture and community traditions that keep visitors returning for more. The five waterfalls between Bedugul and Singaraja are not to be missed. Gitgit is the farthest down the mountain, and visitors can climb 150 steps to take in the stunning cascading falls. One can also catch the sunset over the clear blue water of Sanur, a popular beach destination, and the iconic 15th-century temple of Tanah Lot that juts out of the ocean on a small rock formation.

San Sebastian, Spain


A lover’s paradise, San Sebastian boasts lush green hills crashing surf and a shell-shaped beach ideal for sunbathing. It’s a sophisticated city arched around one of the finest urban beaches in the world, La Concha. Visitors can take the funicular up to Monte Igueldo for a panoramic view.  A spruced up seaside promenade, a renovated museum, and a forthcoming culinary school adds to the city’s allure. San Sebastian is known for its gourmet cuisine, and Mugartiz serves authentic Basque specialties in a rustic setting.

Phuket Island, Thailand

Patong beach on the west coast of Phuket Island in southwest Thailand is a top pick for globe-trotting beach lovers. Patong Beach boasts a wide coastline, soft white sand, and warm water. It is the largest and most popular beach of Thailand with its exciting nightlife scene. Patong is known for its beach resort town dotted with go-go bars, nightclubs, the famous OTOP Shopping Paradise complex, hotels, and restaurants located a short distance from the beach.


To get the most out of beach travel destinations, visitors should plan their trip well in advance. Traveling during the off-season will certainly cut costs. However, one may miss out on enjoying festivals and events that are usually held during the tourist season. Deciding beforehand which tourist spots to visit and events to attend will make beach travel far more enjoyable.


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