Dubai is the largest city of UAE, and it is considered as one of the most beautiful, stunning and romantic spots for the newly married couples. This is the reason this is called as world’s one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations for those who love to spend their special days in luxury.

Dubai is a city that can offer you a vivid range of activities to enjoy your honeymoon. It can be a soothing and relaxing spa in a luxurious spa resort where you two can forget all your stress and feel rejuvenated during your honeymoon. Apart from that, you can enjoy shopping, desert safari, skydiving and many other activities which will make your honeymoon in Dubai really fabulous.

Here is the list of the five things you must try while enjoying your honeymoon in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Dinner


Enjoy the beauty of Dubai during dhow cruise dinner. The Dubai Creek is the best venue to have this dinner. The best thing is most of the Dubai honeymoon packages include the great Dhow cruise dinner for the entertainment of the clients. However, if it is not included then you can ask for it, and they will arrange it for you. Imagine yourself along with your partner, enjoying international cuisines and witnessing the magnificent skyline of Dubai. It is just awesome!

A Hot Air Balloon Ride


The story of Arabian Nights can become real in your life. You can truly enjoy a tour in the air on a magic carpet with the love of your life while visiting Dubai. Yes, we are talking about the hot air balloon ride in Dubai. You can see the endless sand dunes, wandering camels, green oases and oryx while having this tour. Witnessing the fairy red color of the setting sun from the sky is something you can never forget.

Overnight Desert Safari


For the honeymoon couples, this is one of the prime things to do in Dubai. The overnight desert safari in Dubai can offer you some life-changing experiences. However, the general travelers prefer to go for a day safari, but for the honeymoon couples, it is more romantic and exciting to enjoy the charm of the desert at night.

Shop Like Never Before

Honeymoon cannot be completed without shopping, and Dubai is one of the shopping paradises on earth. Hence, you can enjoy shopping like nowhere else when you are in this Arabian city. The city has the biggest mall in this world with 1200 shops. Apart from the trendy shopping culture, the city has some traditional markets where you can have the vast collection of textile, spices, and shoes.

An Evening In Burj Al Arab


Spending an evening and having dinner with someone special at the most luxurious 7-star hotel of the world is something everyone desires. Though this may be considered as a pricey affair for many, but when you finish your dinner at the restaurant of Burj Al Arab with your partner then you can understand what you have experienced and gained in return of that money.


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