An unexpected destination, a winter paradise, Switzerland is famous for its natural landscapes and the snowy Alps. The “happiest country in the world” can become the best setting for your honeymoon.

Do not you want a tropical honeymoon? What forces you to make a transatlantic trip to find unique places? Much closer, in the very center of Europe, you can visit a magical world: Switzerland. Historic cities, charming villages, emblematic castles, tradition, cheese, and chocolate.


Switzerland is a paradise for lovers of history and nature. Summits, lakes, green hills, castles, museums and historical cities. If what you like is to have an extensive variety where to choose this destination you will be surprised.

It is a rich country because it is in contact with five different countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein. If you want to make the honeymoon in luxury destinations Switzerland, the sun of the terraces will be perfect to relax after the wedding. If you prefer to go in winter, the snowy peaks and ski resorts will be your allies. What is sure there is that you will spend a wedding trip of the most romantic no matter what time you travel?

We discover the most beautiful places of this beautiful paradise:


Zurich: It is the most populous city in the country and the financial and economic capital of Switzerland. It is on the waterfront overlooking the Alps and offers visitors endless adventures: more than 50 museums, art galleries, culture, and luxury. It also has the liveliest nightlife in the country with bars, discos and concert halls.

Geneva: It is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is located at the mouth of Lake Geneva on the Rhone and is almost surrounded by French territory. It is known worldwide for being the European headquarters of the UN and the headquarters of the Red Cross. In spite of the great avenues and modern parks, it still conserves part of its history, thanks to the oldest monuments.

Lucerne: Located in front of the impressive Alpine panorama of Switzerland. The city rises on the shores of Lake Los Cuatro Cantones. It is considered one of the most touristic luxury destinations Switzerland in the country, thanks to its attractions, souvenir shops, and watches.

Zermatt: Located in the district of Visp, at the foot of the Matterhorn. It is one of the most known and exclusive ski resorts in the world as well as a beloved honeymoon destinations in Switzerland.


Contrary to what you might think, the perfect honeymoon in Switzerland does not start in the capital Bern or Zurich, with its more than 50 museums and its bustling nightlife. Nor in the diplomatic Geneva. A romantic trip should start in an idyllic location on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the city of Lausanne. For centuries, the capital of the canton of Vaud was bishop’s headquarters.

Less than an hour’s drive from Lausanne is Gruyeres, a small medieval town with cobblestone streets, houses of traditional architecture and wooden ceilings. On a small hill, stands a 13th-century castle, drawn from a fairy tale, which treasures intact the architecture, history and regional culture of eight centuries. The charm of the place is strongly linked to its cheese-making.


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