California, the land of extremes which has the state’s largest unspoiled coastal embayment. With the tallest living organism on Earth, Giant Sequoia, rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards of California’s wine country in Napa Valley and Sonoma , also the death valley national park where one can find some of the most amazing natural sights. Here are a few luxury destinations in California for a great experience-


  1. Auberge Du Soleil- in Napa Valley, California, A world class luxury resort in the heart of the Napa Valley. With lavish and exuberant accommodations with outdoor terraces with incredible valley views.
  2. Hotel Bell-Air a fairy tale and iconic hotel with excellent services for the customers. They have 12- acres of landscape gardens in the Canyon. They are exclusive and away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.
  3. Post Ranch inn – located in Big Sur California. they are perched on the ridge overlooking the pacific ocean , post ranch Inn is an architectural gem and has a rustic luxury, astounding service and delicious cuisines.

An ideal place to stay for honeymoon or to add to the romantic holiday destinations.

The nature wonders in New Zealand which is so surreal. Snow capped peaks, sparkling coves, glaciers, rainforests and fish filled rivers. New Zealand is a hotspot of the great outdoor adventures and highest bungee jumps in the world. Adventures like water rafting, lugging, jet boating, helix- skiing, sky diving, mountain biking etc.  Here are a few attractions to be added to the list of New Zealand holiday destinations must watch-


  1. Bay of the Islands, North Island- North of Auckland lies the beautiful bay of island which is one of the most popular destination among the tourists. A wide marine life with penguins, dolphins, whales and the region popular for sports fishing spot.
  2. Lake taupe and Tongariro National Park- North Island- the lake Taupo which is New Zealand’s largest lake. Tongariro National Park has spectacular volcanic features, arid plateaus, alpine meadows, hot springs etc.
  3. Anorak / Mount Cook national park, South Island-New Zealand’s highest peak above the alpine landscape of Anorak National park. They are covered with Glaciers, diverse flora and fauna with more than 300 species of alpine plants and 40 species of birds.
  4. Queenstown, South Island – is also known as New Zealand’s adventure capital and also the top destination for the international visitors. They have world class hotels, spas and are a great base for trips to the central octagon region to explore gold mines.
  5. Coromonadel Peninsula, North Island- a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They give you excellent opportunities for hiking and binding. The golden beaches, sky diving, the famous hot water beach.
  6. Kaikoura, South island – the charming coastal village of Kaikoura has birdies, wildlife enthusiasts and seafood lovers. They are renowned for its fresh caught Cray fish mussels and other seafood delights.

7 Most Popular Luxury Travel Destinations in California

7 Most Popular Luxury Travel Destinations in Californiaoosing desired destination in California was never going to be an easy task, since it has exciting range of landscapes to explore. There are probably few regions of the world that offer such trip. Except California where else in the world you can do have spectacular and exciting locations. There are large numbers of stunning natural attractions such as majestic mountains; serene deserts beautiful beaches and many more. This terrain is also home of exciting major cities, charming towns where you will spend your best vacations with friends and family. To begin your luxury travel in California, you will first get down at Agua Caliente Airport, which is well located at around 18 nm south of Borrego Valley Airport.

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Experience Majestic Ambience of California

To experience the true majesty of your journey, plan your trip to California, which is an amazing state with astonishing natural beauty. The terrain is sometimes overshadowed by the urban centers of San Francisco, LA, and San Diego.

To explore the vast collection of beautiful natural beauty, pack up the car and go exploring the third largest state by land in the country. When you will start driving you will find that there is a list of 100 things for you to see and do. You will blow down in your trip to California, since you will get to rediscover, unspoiled beauty of the terrain.

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5 Unmatched Luxury Destinations of California

Unmatched Luxury Destinations of California

Man is competing with the nature’s creations at each and every step through the gallant manifestations of its own. If you want to see some of the epic marvels created by humans than just visit California and witness the glory of humankind. California is famous for its variety in almost everything whether it be ocean drives, abundant forests, elegant vineyards, soaring mountains, expansive deserts, magical amusements parks, endemic cuisine, and its agricultural heritage.

Here are some of the unmatched destinations of California which can really have long lasting impact on its travelers:

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