Top 5 Places to Hangout in Jordan


With the evolution of the human civilization from the ancient time BC to the 21st century, there is a human culture which has kept us all connected and always re-energizes us to look for the much-needed peace even in the hectic schedule of ours life. Jordan will prove to be the place where you can find the peace as the lands of this country has its deep root to its ancient culture and rituals.

The hot attraction in Jordan is its culture and the way the local Jordanians treats with the tourists with giving all the love and respect. Every year, numbers of the multinational people, from the different corners of the world visits Jordan and returns to their home with happy faces thanks to the unforgettable moment spent in Jordan. Jordan is undoubtedly the most gracious and beautiful place to be there for a vacation. Once a people step its feet in the desert land, he will look to get into the historical places to know the hidden myth behind this country.

We have brought the exclusive list of the places where one can visit in Jordan:

  1. Wadi Rum


What could have been the better way to start exploring the Jordan by setting up the feet on the vast desert valley Wadi? We all love to be in desert and Wadi could prove to be the place for you where you can enjoy admiring the tons of the sands standing still around you. The tourist can enjoy at the Bedouin guest camps, where they will get the tasty grilled meats and vegetable to eat and most importantly don’t forget to watch the beautiful Sunrise of this place.

  1. Dead Sea


The Dead Sea has been known for two things- one because of it is one of the most hyper saline environments in the world and secondly, it has the lowest land point in the world which is 1,407 feet below sea level. It is the prominent part of the map of Jordan and tourist in general likes to float on it. People love to be around this sea and even regarded as the best place to be there in the summer of Jordan.

  1. Petra

Mideast Jordan Petra Ecotourism

This place is the no. 1 place in the Jordan and thus, the tourists used to came here in large numbers every year. There has been the myth about this place that it was rediscovered in 1812 and since then, its ancient architecture has been the red hot attraction for the tourists. It is believed that around 2000 years ago, the people have imprinted the mesmerizing architecture in Petra which is continued to attract numbers of people every year.

The Last Crusade and the Sun temple in Indiana Jones are two prime locations to hang out in Petra. However, it takes a lot to climb to the highest monastery. With the kind of the culture is here in Petra, it would not be wrong to call it one of the luxury travel destination in Jordan.

  1. Jerash


It is located at the thirty miles north of Amman and has been one of the ancient places of Jordan. It was discovered by Alexander the Great way back in the 331 B.C. However, the city was at the real heyday when the Romans conquered it. The researchers revealed that they have found the witness of the people living here few thousands of years ago. Read more