Go For a Family Tour in India

India is a destination whose only name fascinates, evoking exhilarating adventures and unfathomable mysteries. A family trip pacakage to India is an opportunity to discover with your children a vast country, culture and fascinating landscapes.


Discover a beautiful land of contrast

In its northern part, it amazes with the Taj Mahal in soft light pink at dawn. Jaisalmer, the city of Jain temples, flourishes in the middle of the Thar Desert, while Varanasi inspires travelers with his Ghats bordering the Ganges. Delhi and Mumbai the metropolitan cities are nothing less than world class living places.

Explore enchanting landscapes

To the south, it explores and disorients, through the old streets of Cochin Fort or Pondicherry, the Silent Valley of Kerala, or the Andaman Islands, a secret paradise ideal for family holidays on the Indian Ocean. The country offers children with fertile imagination a profusion of images, sounds, colors and smells, which will leave them with beautiful memories.

When to go on a family trip to India?

The best time to go to India depends on where you want to go. Indeed, because of the vastness of the country, the climate differs according to the regions. The period between November and March is ideal because it corresponds to the dry season, where the temperature is milder. It extends from November to the end of February in the north, from January to March in the south. Also, it coincides with the holidays of Christmas and February.

What to see and do in India with your family?

India has many attractions for families in search of Read more


Balkan Round Trip? These 5 Reasons Speak For It!

Do you not know where the next trip should go? Asia, America, and Co. are too far away for you and the Canary Islands and Mallorca too touristic? You still want to have it warm and relax on great beaches travel? Then we can warmly recommend a Balkan trip or just a short trip in the most real sense of the word! Here are our reasons to go for a Balkan tour!



You will be most impressed with the landscapes on site. Such impressive scenery and without having circumnavigated half the world! Starting at the crystal-clear Lake Ohrid in Macedonia over the strange and wonderfully green scenes on the way from Kosovo to the south to Albania – every ride was rewarded with an impressive view. Turquoise water and seemingly untouched forests accompany you on the entire journey across the Balkans and had wholly changed some of the ideas that you had previously had of these countries.


The crystal clear water was already addressed. But what awaits you while driving along the Albanian coast, just deserves its category among the Balkan highlights! While thousands of tourists still populate the islands and beaches of Greece, the Albanian Riviera, which is only a stone’s throw away, is much more peaceful. Although the beaches are also well frequented in high season in July and August (especially by Albanian families holidaying together), this is hardly comparable to the more popular tourist destinations in Europe.



The café culture is one of the highlights, even if Read more

Honeymoon to South America- Experience the Beauty


Your honeymoon in South America will be characterized by unique landscapes, long beaches, famous metropolises and history, and culture. South America offers a varied holiday program- we would like to give you some travel tips and travel information here.

Your honeymoon should be something special!

To flutter to South America- from the Andean highlands to Patagonia

The subcontinent South America will inspire you with multifaceted landscapes, culinary delights, mysterious cultures, hot Sambar rhythms and bustling metropolitan cities. Exactly the right thing for an unforgettable honeymoon!

In the north and east, you can find fabulous beaches along the Atlantic coast, while in the west of the country runs the most extended overseas mountain range in the world from Venezuela to the southern tip of Patagonia. Unspoilt rainforests, vast grassy plains, and unique mountain landscapes can be found on this continent, Read more

Five Reasons to Visit Maldives This Year


Beautiful and tranquil Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is often perceived only as an ideal place for a honeymoon, but do not realize that you can come here for a real adventure. In fact, the paradise island will surprise every guest. Whether it’s diving, relaxing spa massage, or fine cuisine – there are five reasons why you should go to the Maldives on holiday weekends.

A wide range of opportunities for recreation and entertainment

Imagine a strip of silk white sand and crystal clear waters. Add to that the fact that the luxury destinations in Maldives consists of 26 atolls (islands in the shape of a ring), and you will understand immediately how many are excellent beaches. Also, the air temperature in the Maldives rarely falls below 25 degrees Celsius, which means that it is the ideal place for a beach holiday.


Many resorts have private beaches for guests, where you can dive, admire the stars and just relax in a calm atmosphere. One of the most picturesque beaches located on Nalaguraydu Island, Yuzhnyy Ari Atoll. Other popular Read more

Honeymoon in Switzerland, a Snowy Paradise


An unexpected destination, a winter paradise, Switzerland is famous for its natural landscapes and the snowy Alps. The “happiest country in the world” can become the best setting for your honeymoon.

Do not you want a tropical honeymoon? What forces you to make a transatlantic trip to find unique places? Much closer, in the very center of Europe, you can visit a magical world: Switzerland. Historic cities, charming villages, emblematic castles, tradition, cheese, and chocolate.


Switzerland is a paradise for lovers of history and nature. Summits, lakes, green hills, castles, museums and historical cities. If what you like is to have an extensive variety where to choose this destination you will be surprised.

It is a rich country because it is in contact with five different countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein. If you want to make the honeymoon in luxury destinations Switzerland, the sun of the Read more

Exotic Honeymoon Points in Italy


Capri Island facing the Gulf of Naples is the ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon destinations in Italy.

Here couples of newlyweds will spend a few days of passion and relaxation thanks to the many beautiful places that this area offers: the terraces overlooking the Faraglioni, secluded bays and far from chaos, to reach the famous Grotta Azzurra with a small rowing boat.


Not to miss the walk through the scenic route to the Gardens of Augustus, via a staircase she arrives at Marina Piccola and finally an ‘ excursion to the magnificent village of Anacapri in little squares and charming alleys.

For honeymoon destinations in Italy reaches the ultimate in romance, then you need to book one of the hotels in Capri overlooking the sea and eat fresh fish in the restaurants of the island fantastic.


More and more couples choose Sicily and its historical scenery for a honeymoon trip not too far. But those who want to spend a romantic honeymoon in Italy should consider Salina, of the Aeolian Islands, famous not only for its breathtaking views for the cultivation of grapes which produce the famous Malvasia.


Here the lovers of trekking, sea, and wildlife, all they need; among adrenaline experiences to do in pairs is the excursion to Fossa Delle Felci, a mountain of 962 meters from where you can enjoy an excellent view.

Less adventurous, but very romantic, a trip on board a boat to reach Pollara, a town with beaches with crystal clear waters and famous for being the set of the film Il Postino with Massimo Troisi.


Portofino is not just yachts and luxury but is a gem nestled between the Gulf of Tigullio and the Golfo Paradiso also suitable for couples who want to spend a romantic honeymoon in Italy.

Although it is a small town, things to do are many, especially if the intention is to spend a few days of passion and love.


The symbol of the town is the small square overlooking the harbor and colorful houses that surround it give it a picturesque appearance.

It is worth taking a stroll to the famous Castle Brown, surrounded by a beautiful garden and from which you can admire a fabulous view. From here then you can reach the lighthouse tip of the head, in the most extreme part of the promontory and from where there is a purpose of taking your breath.


Why Rome for a honeymoon destinations Italy? The reasons are many, especially if you have never been to this beautiful city! The capital includes history, magic, and passion, essential ingredients for a perfect honeymoon!


Couples in love will get lost in the streets to be admired at any time of day or night with light squares and neighborhoods are full of life of ordinary people who go to the market and do their shopping, but as soon as you turn a corner of the historical wonders are the masters. At sunset and monuments like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and the Arch of Janus they take deep hues: it is worth to sit in any tavern to admire the splendor and enjoy the atmosphere.

Top 5 Things You Can Do In Maldives As A Solo Traveler


When everyone is booking the tickets for Maldives to celebrate their honeymoon, you are looking for the solo destination in that same country? Well, then you must be one of those lonely travelers who believe in exploring the nature all on their own; without any companion. You must be a person who considers traveling as a time to rediscover your own strength and limitations and making some of the most beautiful memories of your life. If so, then Maldives has a lot to offer you.

This island country has plenty of adventure and fun for the solo travelers who wish to explore the beauty of magnificent sea all alone. Apart from the beautiful sea, there are lots of other things to do for a solo traveler.

Stay In A Luxurious Sea Resort


Sometimes you just feel to pamper yourself. It is not about going somewhere or doing something while traveling to a new country Read more

Visiting Germany With Kids – 5 Things Your Kids Will Enjoy Most

Germany is always good for having a family vacation with kids. You can enjoy the most remarkable times of your life while having this holiday. There are lots of things your kids can do while roaming in this country.

Know what your kids can do or where should you take them while visiting this beautiful European country.

The Berlin Zoo


This is the oldest zoo in the country. The Berlin Zoo is well-known in the entire country for providing a pleasant day trip to the families who love to be surrounded by nature and animals. You can choose it for an outing on a sunny day with your kids. They will love this place and feel excited about watching Read more

Top 5 Places In Spain Where You Can Have Wine Tour


If you love to travel to explore new places and do thrilling things in life, then you must consider having a tour in the Spanish wineries at least once in your lifetime. You can have one-day wine tours from the popular cities of Spain. These tours can offer you to visit several wineries in one single day. They are generally group bus tour and are arranged by the local travel agencies. However, if you wish to plan your own wine tour and prefer to go there as individual travelers then also you can hire the tour agents, and they will arrange separate transport service for your day wine tour.

Spain has many wineries and vineyards that can attract the tourists easily. These places have picturesque sceneries and modern machines to produce the best quality wines.

Marqués de Riscal

spain wine

Marqués de Riscal will surely attract you in case you are traveling to Rioja Alavesa. There is a beautiful landscape, and in the middle of the same, you can find an amazing and impressive architectural creation in which you can find out a great combination of some innovative designs and some traditional elements of this country. This is a winery that produces, original, elegant and fresh wines that you can even taste while having this tour. You can also consider staying in the luxurious hotels while visiting this winery and enjoy the famous vinotherapy spa to feel relaxed during Read more

Top Places In South America For The Honeymoon Couples


A South America honeymoon always has much to offer to those who wish to have some enjoyment amidst the breathtaking nature and vibrant multicultural cities. This is a continent that offers you fantastic beaches along with mind-blowing landscapes. You will be amazed to experience the excellent hospitality of this country and enjoy a romantic honeymoon. However, before you plan your honeymoon in South America and book the tickets, get some idea about the places you two can visit. South America has some one of the most popular tourist destinations on this planet, and some of them are perfect to enjoy a romantic holiday.

An Argentine Honeymoon


Nothing can be more romantic than Argentina to enjoy a great honeymoon in South America. Wine, Tango, vibrant cities, majestic mountains, magnificent waterfalls and beautiful national parks – what else you wish to have for your honeymoon? This is the 8th largest city of this planet and one of the most visited South American countries. If you dream of having a luxurious honeymoon then Argentina can offer you some of the most romantic and luxurious hotels that have special honeymoon suites. Cities like Buenos Aries and Cordoba will offer you a very positive and energetic vibe to the visitors. Apart from these modern cities, you can enjoy spots like San Carlos de Bariloche, Puerto Madryn, Los Glaciers National Park, and many others.

An Antarctica Honeymoon

Some people may not find it suitable to choose Antarctica as a honeymoon destination because of its hostile climate, but if you plan the tour properly, then you can enjoy a great honeymoon in one of this magnificent Read more