Go For a Family Tour in India

India is a destination whose only name fascinates, evoking exhilarating adventures and unfathomable mysteries. A family trip pacakage to India is an opportunity to discover with your children a vast country, culture and fascinating landscapes.


Discover a beautiful land of contrast

In its northern part, it amazes with the Taj Mahal in soft light pink at dawn. Jaisalmer, the city of Jain temples, flourishes in the middle of the Thar Desert, while Varanasi inspires travelers with his Ghats bordering the Ganges. Delhi and Mumbai the metropolitan cities are nothing less than world class living places.

Explore enchanting landscapes

To the south, it explores and disorients, through the old streets of Cochin Fort or Pondicherry, the Silent Valley of Kerala, or the Andaman Islands, a secret paradise ideal for family holidays on the Indian Ocean. The country offers children with fertile imagination a profusion of images, sounds, colors and smells, which will leave them with beautiful memories.

When to go on a family trip to India?

The best time to go to India depends on where you want to go. Indeed, because of the vastness of the country, the climate differs according to the regions. The period between November and March is ideal because it corresponds to the dry season, where the temperature is milder. It extends from November to the end of February in the north, from January to March in the south. Also, it coincides with the holidays of Christmas and February.

What to see and do in India with your family?

India has many attractions for families in search of Read more


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