5 Places to Visit on a Luxury Safari Trip to Tanzania

Tanzania is all the limitless green fields and wild animals you have seen in wallpapers and images. The country is a home to rich wildlife and other wonders that has made it a tourist friendly destination from decades. There is a lot to explore in Tanzania and a few days here won’t be enough to discover the scenic beauty here. Luxury travel destinations like Zanzibar, Serengeti, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, the Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Olduvai Gorge make it a delightful experience for tourists.


Wherever you go, opportunities flourish for becoming more acquainted with Tanzania’s kin and societies. Meet red-shrouded Maasai warriors. Invest energy with the semi-roaming Barabaig close Mt Hanang. Experience the neighborliness of a nearby feast or the rhythms of customary move. Watch Makonde carvers breathe life into wood. Visit and trade at nearby markets in the Usambara Mountains. More than whatever else, it is Tanzanians themselves – with their trademark warmth and obligingness, and the poise and excellence of their societies – who make a visit so essential. Odds are that you’ll need to return for additional, to which most Tanzanians will say ‘karibu tena’. Here are 5 Tanzania luxury travel destinations in Tanzania that you cannot afford to miss on a safari trip to this paradise.

Serengeti National park

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Top 4 Attractive Travel Destinations in Tanzania

Tanzania is Africa’s most popular safari destinations where one can visit and enjoy a safari in Katavi, Ruaha, Tarangire, Selous, Ngorongoro and many others. The place is home to Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and is known as the largest inhabitants of chimpanzees in the world. If you will come to Tanzania, you will get to see dozens of beautiful white sandy beaches which are well surrounded by lush greenary. Luxury travel in Tanzania is not only known for its sun-kissed white sands beaches, volcanic eruption of Ol Doinyo Lengai, endless plains of Serengeti and incredible mountains Mahale but it is the best place to witness the great migration of millions of wildebeest along with other wild animals. You can explore these wild life creatures in Tanzania’s best destinations below:

1. The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania


The Serengeti National Park is a vast treeless plain with millions of animals wandering in their natural mood. The park is fantastic for spotting lion, 500 species of birds and other wild animals. Owing to its wildlife beauty and fresh grasslands, Serengeti attracts thousands of tourists each year. The offers the absolute classic African safari setting in which the visitors can explore migrated millions of wildebeest and zebra. As the largest national park in Tanzania one can enjoy mobile camps that are worth staying at because the wildlife. The vast expanse of grasslands makes the Serengeti one of the finest wildlife parks to have perfect safari in your trip. Serengeti National Park can be best explored in between December and June. The wet season is from March to May, with the coldest period from June to October. If you are really interested to experience your safari camp with truly magnificent experience then you can come between December and June.

2. Zanzibar


Zanzibar is located at the adjoined in the Indian Ocean and is known as natural trading center throughout its history. Due to its fascinating past and its incredible beaches, it is one of Tanzania’s top destinations. Interestingly, it is Famous for its beautiful beaches where one can enjoy absolutely romantic vacation. Zanzibar has lovely surrounding which offers luxury life to the travelers in its best way. After coming to this island visitors will find clear shallow water with find soft white sand, and ride on traditional boats. If you will wander move you will get to see busy port, Arabian townhouses, Sultan’s palace, and many mosques. Zanzibar’s capital is a World Heritage site where one can have fantastic vacation.

Zanzibar is world’s oldest functioning Swahili city which is known for its grand old Arabian homes lining. The city is famous for its Stone Town which was built in the 19th C. In Zanzibar majority of homes are built in Stone and carved with bras-studded. The buildings are intricately and carved by wooden doors. Stone town is basically a cultural heart of Zanzibar where you can fine narrow streets and winding alleys give the city its own unique charm. Moreover, some of the historic buildings are now converted into museums which can be visited during your travel. While coming to this place you can even explore Beit el-Amani, City Hall Darajani Market, and the Anglican Cathedral. In the evening you will enjoy the walk along Creek Road.

3. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Safari vehicles observing large number of Blue Wildebeest (Gnu) and zebra, Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is most popular wildlife viewing land, which draws all kinds of migrated animals. The Conservation is positioned in-between Lake Manyara and Serengeti. Interestingly, the place is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater which gives permanent supply of water. While coming to Tanzania one can view including lions, Thomson’s gazelles, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes along with wildebeests and zebras. With bird watching, the visitors will surely enjoy games and other fun activities in the park. While moving forward you will be exploring important archeological which reveals ancient skull and other bone fragments and critical information about early mankind. The Ngorongoro Crater has nearly three million years old ancient caldera in the world, which you will love to experience through your naked eyes. In this park Bird watching is superb around Lake Migadi. During day time one can gaze Hippos who are well content to submerge themselves during the day. Amidst in your trip you can sit on nearby grass in the evening and enjoy the lush ambience of the park.

Mean while in your safari you can move towards Ngorongoro volcano, which is acknowledged as one of the world’s tallest mountains before it exploded. In the crater floor Ngorongoro thousands of wild game can be seen and performed, so if you are willing to enjoy the plan your trip to this park.

4. Mafia


Mafia is one of the finest islands in Tanzania and is undiscovered Tanzanian gem. The island is rich with its rich history, and a strong Swahili culture. Mafia became a more important settlement during the 12th to 14th C, but island first saw settler in the 8th or 9th C. Owing to its beautiful beaches and traditional breeding site it has become finest choice by the tourists.

Much of the island its have been designated as a marine park, where you can witness 400 species of fish and Countless birds. Interestingly, the park is best known for it’s the green turtle, which are unfortunately close to extinction. Mafia Island attracts divers and snorkelers from around the world due to its desirable location for deep-sea. Here you can also enjoy fishing, especially tuna, marlin, sailfish and other big-game fish. If you are designing your trip in Tanzania, you can come to here from October to March. However, March and April are months of heavy rain, so in this season you better avoid your trip. The best weather on Mafia Island is May to October where one can enjoy relaxed diving atmosphere while enjoying excellent coral gardens and interesting old churches. These places are known as the landmarks of the city which are still restored to their original structure and area acknowledged for its glory and historical significance.