Botswana is a Premier Safari Destination


Botswana is a luxury destination in Africa offering the best wildlife viewing on the planet, especially in and around the Chobe and Okavango Delta region. The Kalahari desert and San Bushman culture is also great attractions of this country and should be on everyone’s itinerary. There are list of Luxury Honeymoon Travel what to see, and where to go in Botswana.

  1. Chobe National Park


Chobe National park lies in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and it covers four distinct Eco-systems. The Savuti marsh in particular offers the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. There is around 120,000 elephants, and they are wonderful to see from the water on a safari cruise, popular at sundown here. The perfect time to visit Chobe is between May and September, the waterless, cooler winter months. This time visitors can see herds of zebra, eland, buffalo, giraffe and wildebeest congregate. Read more


Top 5 Things to Do in Botswana

The East part of the Africa is all about luxurious travels with big reputed National Parks running around and marking the migration of the beautiful wildlife. Tourists from different corners of the world pay a huge amount to experience the beauty of the Botswana thanks to its great rich of wildlife, beautiful locations to explore and hundreds and thousands of hectares to roam and snap.


Botswana has always been associated with the luxury and thus, it takes a big pocket to arrange a tour to this part of the Africa. The expensive travel cost to Botswana makes it a once in a lifetime experience and thus, one needs to make sure that they utilize most of it by exploring all the luxury destinations in Botswana. With you guys planning a tour to Botswana, we are here with the list of the things that one must do in this part of Africa:

  1. Air Safari 


Okavango Delta is one of the beautiful places in the lands of the Botswana. This place is quite often beautiful , but air Safari is something which is one of the exciting things to do, but hardly someone goes for. Hire a helicopter and roam around the Okavango Delta and you will be mesmerized the beauty of it. Don’t forget to take out your camera to capture this experience to cherish all your life.

  1. Visit the ‘Louvre of the Desert’


It’s now time to go to the place where you will come to know a bit about the Stone Age generation. Make sure to visit the ‘Louvre of the Desert’, which is highest concentrations of rock art in the world. All the rocks are scripted with the 4,500 beautiful paintings by the people from the Stone Age in the 19th century. The paintings will narrate the stories of our past generation and how they survived in that time. There are couples of worship places in there and one needs to make sure that they must remain respectful while a visit to this place. Read more

Enjoy Some Interesting Facts of Botswana while Travelling

best luxury destinations in Botswana

Every country has a unique culture and every country is different from others in terms of its fascinating cultures, indigenous beliefs and life style. If you will come to Botswana you will surely like its unique culture and rural families.Luxury travel in Botswana is highly recognized for its ethnic diversity where one will come to see many fascinating cultures and exotic natural beauty.

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Go for the Perfect Safari travel with your Family in Botswana

While animals are an unending wellspring of interest for kids, sorting out a family travel in a logistically difficult destination such as Botswana can be precarious. Hit the nail on the head, however, and there are couple of all the more remunerating family holidays.

Pre-trip arranging: how to motivate youthful pioneers

Research led by the Family Holiday Association uncovered that not just do family holidays include some of our happiest recollections, however almost 47% of individuals said that the expectation was a huge part of the energy. For a safari travel, building this energy and overseeing desires is more vital than expected. For children wandering outside their usual ranges of familiarity will give them challenges: hot climate, abnormal toilets, frightening animals and dreadful little animals. Discuss what they will see – of all shapes and sizes. Set them up for what might be enthusiastic experiences, for example, a panther eating an impala. Get them put resources into the excursion through perusing, scrapbooking and researching preservation issues that may make great grub for school ventures.

Perfect Safari travel

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Travel to Botswana and Experience the Pretty Side of Nature

Botswana Holiday destination

The world is a very beautiful place for exploring and one must always look for new and amazing locations to pay a visit. One such location is Botswana which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Botswana, a inland territorial division in southern Africa, has a scenery bounded by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta, which turns out for a exuberant animal habitat during the year-round floods. Luxury expedition camps are common, and in the Delta’s Moremi Game Reserve, dug-out boats are used to travel past birdlife, hippos and crocodiles. On dry land, wildlife includes lions, leopard and black and white rhinos. A luxury tour and trip to Botswana is a journey filled with adventure and joy.

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