Go For a Family Tour in India

India is a destination whose only name fascinates, evoking exhilarating adventures and unfathomable mysteries. A family trip pacakage to India is an opportunity to discover with your children a vast country, culture and fascinating landscapes.


Discover a beautiful land of contrast

In its northern part, it amazes with the Taj Mahal in soft light pink at dawn. Jaisalmer, the city of Jain temples, flourishes in the middle of the Thar Desert, while Varanasi inspires travelers with his Ghats bordering the Ganges. Delhi and Mumbai the metropolitan cities are nothing less than world class living places.

Explore enchanting landscapes

To the south, it explores and disorients, through the old streets of Cochin Fort or Pondicherry, the Silent Valley of Kerala, or the Andaman Islands, a secret paradise ideal for family holidays on the Indian Ocean. The country offers children with fertile imagination a profusion of images, sounds, colors and smells, which will leave them with beautiful memories.

When to go on a family trip to India?

The best time to go to India depends on where you want to go. Indeed, because of the vastness of the country, the climate differs according to the regions. The period between November and March is ideal because it corresponds to the dry season, where the temperature is milder. It extends from November to the end of February in the north, from January to March in the south. Also, it coincides with the holidays of Christmas and February.

What to see and do in India with your family?

India has many attractions for families in search of Read more


Balkan Round Trip? These 5 Reasons Speak For It!

Do you not know where the next trip should go? Asia, America, and Co. are too far away for you and the Canary Islands and Mallorca too touristic? You still want to have it warm and relax on great beaches travel? Then we can warmly recommend a Balkan trip or just a short trip in the most real sense of the word! Here are our reasons to go for a Balkan tour!



You will be most impressed with the landscapes on site. Such impressive scenery and without having circumnavigated half the world! Starting at the crystal-clear Lake Ohrid in Macedonia over the strange and wonderfully green scenes on the way from Kosovo to the south to Albania – every ride was rewarded with an impressive view. Turquoise water and seemingly untouched forests accompany you on the entire journey across the Balkans and had wholly changed some of the ideas that you had previously had of these countries.


The crystal clear water was already addressed. But what awaits you while driving along the Albanian coast, just deserves its category among the Balkan highlights! While thousands of tourists still populate the islands and beaches of Greece, the Albanian Riviera, which is only a stone’s throw away, is much more peaceful. Although the beaches are also well frequented in high season in July and August (especially by Albanian families holidaying together), this is hardly comparable to the more popular tourist destinations in Europe.



The café culture is one of the highlights, even if Read more

Honeymoon to South America- Experience the Beauty


Your honeymoon in South America will be characterized by unique landscapes, long beaches, famous metropolises and history, and culture. South America offers a varied holiday program- we would like to give you some travel tips and travel information here.

Your honeymoon should be something special!

To flutter to South America- from the Andean highlands to Patagonia

The subcontinent South America will inspire you with multifaceted landscapes, culinary delights, mysterious cultures, hot Sambar rhythms and bustling metropolitan cities. Exactly the right thing for an unforgettable honeymoon!

In the north and east, you can find fabulous beaches along the Atlantic coast, while in the west of the country runs the most extended overseas mountain range in the world from Venezuela to the southern tip of Patagonia. Unspoilt rainforests, vast grassy plains, and unique mountain landscapes can be found on this continent, Read more

Five Reasons to Visit Maldives This Year


Beautiful and tranquil Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is often perceived only as an ideal place for a honeymoon, but do not realize that you can come here for a real adventure. In fact, the paradise island will surprise every guest. Whether it’s diving, relaxing spa massage, or fine cuisine – there are five reasons why you should go to the Maldives on holiday weekends.

A wide range of opportunities for recreation and entertainment

Imagine a strip of silk white sand and crystal clear waters. Add to that the fact that the luxury destinations in Maldives consists of 26 atolls (islands in the shape of a ring), and you will understand immediately how many are excellent beaches. Also, the air temperature in the Maldives rarely falls below 25 degrees Celsius, which means that it is the ideal place for a beach holiday.


Many resorts have private beaches for guests, where you can dive, admire the stars and just relax in a calm atmosphere. One of the most picturesque beaches located on Nalaguraydu Island, Yuzhnyy Ari Atoll. Other popular Read more

Honeymoon in Switzerland, a Snowy Paradise


An unexpected destination, a winter paradise, Switzerland is famous for its natural landscapes and the snowy Alps. The “happiest country in the world” can become the best setting for your honeymoon.

Do not you want a tropical honeymoon? What forces you to make a transatlantic trip to find unique places? Much closer, in the very center of Europe, you can visit a magical world: Switzerland. Historic cities, charming villages, emblematic castles, tradition, cheese, and chocolate.


Switzerland is a paradise for lovers of history and nature. Summits, lakes, green hills, castles, museums and historical cities. If what you like is to have an extensive variety where to choose this destination you will be surprised.

It is a rich country because it is in contact with five different countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein. If you want to make the honeymoon in luxury destinations Switzerland, the sun of the Read more

Exotic Honeymoon Points in Italy


Capri Island facing the Gulf of Naples is the ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon destinations in Italy.

Here couples of newlyweds will spend a few days of passion and relaxation thanks to the many beautiful places that this area offers: the terraces overlooking the Faraglioni, secluded bays and far from chaos, to reach the famous Grotta Azzurra with a small rowing boat.


Not to miss the walk through the scenic route to the Gardens of Augustus, via a staircase she arrives at Marina Piccola and finally an ‘ excursion to the magnificent village of Anacapri in little squares and charming alleys.

For honeymoon destinations in Italy reaches the ultimate in romance, then you need to book one of the hotels in Capri overlooking the sea and eat fresh fish in the restaurants of the island fantastic.


More and more couples choose Sicily and its historical scenery for a honeymoon trip not too far. But those who want to spend a romantic honeymoon in Italy should consider Salina, of the Aeolian Islands, famous not only for its breathtaking views for the cultivation of grapes which produce the famous Malvasia.


Here the lovers of trekking, sea, and wildlife, all they need; among adrenaline experiences to do in pairs is the excursion to Fossa Delle Felci, a mountain of 962 meters from where you can enjoy an excellent view.

Less adventurous, but very romantic, a trip on board a boat to reach Pollara, a town with beaches with crystal clear waters and famous for being the set of the film Il Postino with Massimo Troisi.


Portofino is not just yachts and luxury but is a gem nestled between the Gulf of Tigullio and the Golfo Paradiso also suitable for couples who want to spend a romantic honeymoon in Italy.

Although it is a small town, things to do are many, especially if the intention is to spend a few days of passion and love.


The symbol of the town is the small square overlooking the harbor and colorful houses that surround it give it a picturesque appearance.

It is worth taking a stroll to the famous Castle Brown, surrounded by a beautiful garden and from which you can admire a fabulous view. From here then you can reach the lighthouse tip of the head, in the most extreme part of the promontory and from where there is a purpose of taking your breath.


Why Rome for a honeymoon destinations Italy? The reasons are many, especially if you have never been to this beautiful city! The capital includes history, magic, and passion, essential ingredients for a perfect honeymoon!


Couples in love will get lost in the streets to be admired at any time of day or night with light squares and neighborhoods are full of life of ordinary people who go to the market and do their shopping, but as soon as you turn a corner of the historical wonders are the masters. At sunset and monuments like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and the Arch of Janus they take deep hues: it is worth to sit in any tavern to admire the splendor and enjoy the atmosphere.

Attractive Luxury Destinations In Greece

Greece is a perfect example of luxury and parades. In the Greek islands, one gets such unique experiences from the seaside to the hinterland which makes the experience totally exuberant and unforgettable. Natural landscapes of superior beauty by the sailboats, hatch or even catamaran. They have private villas with exclusive pools which make you enjoy the ultimate peace and relax you completely. One can purify their bodies with healthy Mediterranean food, yoga, massages of all kinds, treatments with natural products etc.  in Greece , you would find some of the most stunning destinations to add up to your luxurious stay like Santorin , Crete, Messenia, Athens , Archive etc. one enjoys the utmost hospitality , activities, water sports , spas, delicious cuisines , unspool natural beauty . Greece has some of the most charming destinations of luxury – Mountain resorts glow in the snow, chalets, Lived on Parnassus, Kavalla, Port aria, Micro (small) Piping in Zagorohoria. One can find luxury suites and bungalows in Loanda in Crete. Special ambience of the Venetian Mansions in Hani and Rethink with lavish patios , antiques , impressive gardens , grand mansions at Porto Helix, Naxos, Rhodes , Siphons, Corfu etc. Here’s a list of a few attractive luxury hotels in Greece


  1. Absolute, Mykonos.
  2. Mystique, Santorin
  3. Canvas Oil Hotel, Cyclades.
  4. King George, Athens.
  5. Santa Marina resort , Mykonos
  6. Blue Palace resort, Loanda Crete
  7. Pegasus Suites and spas , Santorin

Tanzania’s safari and wilderness is just beyond ones imagination. Hidden waterholes, dazzling white sands, volcanic craters, ice capped mountain peaks. One can feel you relaxed around the captivating wildlife, trek up to the highest standing mountain. The vast beauty and enthralling journey at Tanzania will leave iconic surprises and experiences for the lifetime. Here are a few reasons why one should plan a vacation to Tanzania for sure-

  1. One must visit to Tanzania because of its world heritage sites, diverse wildlife, and spectacular sites, visit Ngorongoro, which is the largest unbroken and unfolded volcanic caldera in the world.
  2. Tanzania has a diverse culture which includes tribal Masan land, like Shipmate camp in the western Kilimanjaro which adds on the exciting and exclusive vacation.
  3. Take up the challenge and climb Kilimanjaro which is the highest free standing mountain in the world.
  4. Tanzania national parks where one finds a vast concentration of animals from buffalos, lions, elephants and giraffes etc.
  5. Exotic spice island of Zanzibar is an exclusive and divine holiday destination which has unspoiled, white sandy beaches to the tropical lush forests which refreshes one. After the famous juice Mandau of young coconuts one gets pumped up. It is an ultimate spot for African Mecca seaside lovers who want to relax.

Welgrow travels is one of the leading luxury destination management company which does custom private tours, corporate tours , leisure luxury tours, wellness tours, religious tours, cultural tours, wildlife tours , shore tours etc. the destination managers would cater to all kinds of interests and then help in conceptualizing and planning to your style , preference and set up budget. They would give out the best execution to your preferences, interests, desires etc.  At Welgrow travels they take good care of the travel which should be comfortable, best resorts and hotels and transportation.


California, the land of extremes which has the state’s largest unspoiled coastal embayment. With the tallest living organism on Earth, Giant Sequoia, rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards of California’s wine country in Napa Valley and Sonoma , also the death valley national park where one can find some of the most amazing natural sights. Here are a few luxury destinations in California for a great experience-


  1. Auberge Du Soleil- in Napa Valley, California, A world class luxury resort in the heart of the Napa Valley. With lavish and exuberant accommodations with outdoor terraces with incredible valley views.
  2. Hotel Bell-Air a fairy tale and iconic hotel with excellent services for the customers. They have 12- acres of landscape gardens in the Canyon. They are exclusive and away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.
  3. Post Ranch inn – located in Big Sur California. they are perched on the ridge overlooking the pacific ocean , post ranch Inn is an architectural gem and has a rustic luxury, astounding service and delicious cuisines.

An ideal place to stay for honeymoon or to add to the romantic holiday destinations.

The nature wonders in New Zealand which is so surreal. Snow capped peaks, sparkling coves, glaciers, rainforests and fish filled rivers. New Zealand is a hotspot of the great outdoor adventures and highest bungee jumps in the world. Adventures like water rafting, lugging, jet boating, helix- skiing, sky diving, mountain biking etc.  Here are a few attractions to be added to the list of New Zealand holiday destinations must watch-


  1. Bay of the Islands, North Island- North of Auckland lies the beautiful bay of island which is one of the most popular destination among the tourists. A wide marine life with penguins, dolphins, whales and the region popular for sports fishing spot.
  2. Lake taupe and Tongariro National Park- North Island- the lake Taupo which is New Zealand’s largest lake. Tongariro National Park has spectacular volcanic features, arid plateaus, alpine meadows, hot springs etc.
  3. Anorak / Mount Cook national park, South Island-New Zealand’s highest peak above the alpine landscape of Anorak National park. They are covered with Glaciers, diverse flora and fauna with more than 300 species of alpine plants and 40 species of birds.
  4. Queenstown, South Island – is also known as New Zealand’s adventure capital and also the top destination for the international visitors. They have world class hotels, spas and are a great base for trips to the central octagon region to explore gold mines.
  5. Coromonadel Peninsula, North Island- a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They give you excellent opportunities for hiking and binding. The golden beaches, sky diving, the famous hot water beach.
  6. Kaikoura, South island – the charming coastal village of Kaikoura has birdies, wildlife enthusiasts and seafood lovers. They are renowned for its fresh caught Cray fish mussels and other seafood delights.

Top Places In South America For The Honeymoon Couples

A South America honeymoon always has much to offer to those who wish to have some enjoyment amidst the breathtaking nature and vibrant multicultural cities. This is a continent that offers you fantastic beaches along with mind-blowing landscapes. You will be amazed to experience the excellent hospitality of this country and enjoy a romantic honeymoon. However, before you plan your honeymoon in South America and book the tickets, get some idea about the places you two can visit. South America has some one of the most popular tourist destinations on this planet, and some of them are perfect to enjoy a romantic holiday.

An Argentine Honeymoon

Nothing can be more romantic than Argentina to enjoy a great honeymoon in South America. Wine, Tango, vibrant cities, majestic mountains, magnificent waterfalls and beautiful national parks – what else you wish to have for your honeymoon? This is the 8th largest city of this planet and one of the most visited South American countries. If you dream of having a luxurious honeymoon then Argentina can offer you some of the most romantic and luxurious hotels that have special honeymoon suites. Cities like Buenos Aries and Cordoba will offer you a very positive and energetic vibe to the visitors. Apart from these modern cities, you can enjoy spots like San Carlos de Bariloche, Puerto Madryn, Los Glaciers National Park, and many others.

An Antarctica Honeymoon

Some people may not find it suitable to choose Antarctica as a honeymoon destination because of its hostile climate, but if you plan the tour properly, then you can enjoy a great honeymoon in one of this magnificent location of South America. The cute penguins, the mighty glaciers, and the amazing Antarctic Peninsula will definitely make you honeymoon worth remembering. Places like South Georgia or South Orkney Island will keep you speechless when you see some of the most famous natural wonders of this planet.

Honeymoon In Brazil

Your South America trip will never be completed if you miss Brazil, one of the most vibrant countries of this world. Brazil is known for its excellent foods and wines, amazing neighborhoods and energetic people. For the honeymoon couples, there is a fantastic nightlife where you two can enjoy the fullest. Apart from that, if you wish to enjoy some pleasant moments in the lap of nature then also Brazil has lots to offer you. Rio De Janeiro is a forest cover city that has a magnificent coastline and breathtaking mountains. The iconic Copacabana beach attracts millions of travelers from all around the world throughout the year.

Honeymoon In Chile

You can plan your honeymoon in Chile and enjoy the beauty of the driest location of this planet; Atacama Desert. The high ends of the Andes will make your every trip superbly amazing. In Chile, you have the Lake District which is considered as one of the most romantic locations in South America. Apart from that, you can have Torres Del Paine which is a lovely South American park where you can enjoy hiking. You can plan a wine tour in the wine region of Chile which will be a great way to explore the locations where world’s top-class wines are produced. A city like Santiago is one of the prime attractions for all kinds of tourists from all over the world. The city has The Andes to the east, and to the west of this city, there is the coastal cordillera. For the couple, it is a great place to visit with so many shops, hotels, and restaurants.

The Peru Honeymoon

If you are like those unique couples who love to have a honeymoon where you can combine romance, nature, culture, and adventure then Peru is the right place for you in South America. History here welcomes you all the time and leaves you speechless with some magnificent creations of the primitive people and ancient nature. Whether it is a trek to Machu Picchu to explore the ancient location of the Incas or to relax in a luxurious eco-lodge in the great Amazon – Peru has a lot to offer to the honeymoon couples who wish to celebrate the most romantic moments of their life in a unique manner. This country has all the ingredients that are required to enjoy a great and memorable honeymoon.

Some Important Points

  • All these countries located on the South American continent. That brings some similarities in the culture, weather, people and history of these places, but they have some individual and distinct features too, and you should understand these differences well while moving from one country to the other.
  • Do some in-depth research works about all these spots; their top locations, the best time to visit, etc., before your reach there.
  • Know about the festivals and the seasonal occasions of these countries and their cities so that you can plan your tour accordingly and enjoy some of the best moments of your life.
  • Book the hotels and the airport transport before you reach the city so that you would not face any kind of difficulties in an unknown city; especially if you are visiting the same for the first time.
  • Since it is your honeymoon so, you must check in the hotels that are couple-friendly and have special arrangements for the couples.
  • Get some information about the foods and drinks of these countries and ensure that you can eat them comfortably without having any health issue. If you are allergic to something, then avoid them at any cost. You can always have plenty of safer options in restaurants and cafes of these countries.

Choose The Best Package

Plan your budget before you create the itinerary. It will be great if you book a honeymoon package for South America from a reliable and efficient travel agency of your locality. You can contact the local travel agents for the local site tours once you reach the countries. Tell them that you are on your honeymoon and they can arrange the best honeymoon resorts for you in these countries as per your budget.

Guide To Luxury Travel Destinations In Dubai

The summer vacations are on and everybody is all set to dazzle out for the holidays and searching out for the best vacation packages to take their family along or find places to rejuvenate themselves. When we search Luxury travel around the world, opens a lot of websites explaining about the best experience at the best luxury destination where you feel like a king or queen and a journey which you just never forget till your lifetime.


Talking about kings reminds me of a place where I get glimpses of sand dunes… desert safari… Burj Khalifa…. And all about Sheikhs…..yes we are talking about Dubai…..

The luxurious travel destination Dubai offer us all kinds of luxuries like…..the list of their best hotels one must stay in to experience the best time of their life….



 This resort provides a luxurious experience. They are situated on a timeless dune and desert landscape at the centre of 225 square kilometer Dubai Desert. It brings to you the best experience of both Wildlife and Desert activities.


It is the majestic focal point of the Palm, the world largest manmade island and it provides you a magnificent and a luxurious accommodation. It offers its guests an amazing adventure for their senses


This is a Jeremiah group of hotel initiative to offer their discerning guests with the greatest level of luxury. It is one of the most luxurious hotels, with excellent services and the ambience of the dazzling heights of their sky bar on the hotels top floor.


 From the hotels to the luxurious destinations in Dubai which provides you with a breathtaking and unforgettable experience:

  1. A seaplane tour Dubai

Seaplane tour to Dubai is a once in a lifetime most luxurious experience. The tour is for 40 minutes which takes a complete tour of the city Dubai.

  1. Private yacht charter

This is an experience of pure luxury aboard a private yacht cruising the Arabian gulf.

  1. Sea plane tour and hot air balloon ride with gourmet breakfast

Inspiring and innovative adventure combines both, the unique ways to explore Dubai from the sky in the utmost luxurious way.

Bali… the idyllic island of the gods in Indonesia takes a serious claim to be the paradise on earth and is one of the world’s most scenic islands.

Landscapes of hills and mountains, coastlines and sandy beaches, rice terraces and volcanic hillsides which provides a backdrop so beautiful and mesmerizing. Some of the resorts in Bali provide a luxury travel experience


  1. Bulgari resort

A high, jaw dropping cliff cascading down towards the Indian ocean . it features in the luxury travel list in Bali just because of its spectacular cliff hotel .


It’s the Most luxurious hotel in Bali, poised on the elevated plateau that meets the limestone cliffs , down in Indian Ocean.